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My Series on LIFE – Notion behind my inception

Early January I wrote a post titled My Series on LIFE, I was asking two simple questions, Why Am I Here? | What is my purpose in life?  The post kick started some interesting responses, many Thanks all.

So, next part in the My Series on LIFE.

So what was the notion behind my inception?  I want to go right back to the beginning.  We all know the process of how we come to be, however that human notion that leads to the birth process being kicked off is so different for everyone.  So what was my parent’s notion?  They wanted to start a family so they planned me?  Did they not have a notion at all and I was just an unplanned activity?  Did I come to be because of a horrific incident, a Bastard?  What I am trying to say is that due to some thought process, the decision was taken for my inception. Someone somewhere decided I had a right to be part of the evolutionary process, to be that single sperm that outwits all the others and reaches my destination, to begin a journey that would last some nine months.

So due to some fortunate or unfortunate incident, I took the first step towards what would be the human form.  I ask myself, was it science, or was it a force much higher than our understanding?  Why do I say this?  I know many a couples who spend their entire lives trying but their notion never turns into something they can hold.

Next post, titled “Can I survive the early journey?” coming soon.


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

9 thoughts on “My Series on LIFE – Notion behind my inception

  1. I can’t wait to read your next post and see if you survive the early journey. but based on how beautiful you write, and how love you are in your life, I think you survived just fine my friend 🙂

    1. It’s interesting as I write this, makes you wonder about the journey in little stages, from an idea in someone’s head to two people creating something and then the dangers you go through just to “enter” the world – it’s all quite amazing.

      I am glad you are enjoying my crazy writings so far, next post is in motion.

      Have a Great Day.

    1. I think that the fact we have all made here, in this world, we are all lucky, all the chosen one’s – is what we do from this point on that will determine whether the journey has been worth while.

      Take Care

  2. To be honest, I read your post some days ago – but decided to hold-off in commenting so I could actually think about what you wrote. I’d like to know – whether you wrote this post with religion in mind or not?

    I ask this question, because ‘Religion’ and ‘faith’ have enormous amount of influence around reproduction and having children.

    Don’t get me wrong, and I hope I don’t confuse you with what I write – but I can look at what you wrote in two lights.

    The ‘first’ is that all creatures are created and have one main similarity – that is the reproduction system. In human it’s as you described it above (and in a few words its known as sex), and in other creatures this reproduction system is different but the end result is always the same – to reproduce. This is a function built inside us all. By ‘Natural’ means we are attracted to the opposite sex, and our instinct influences our actions and thoughts to instantly indulge into this activity of reproduction. Now, the thought of how we are governed by this reproduction system is interesting – how do we distinguish who is the correct creature/person to engage with to have sex? There must be some laws which govern that we are not to have sex with creatures of different type, that said, how do we govern not to have sex with those who give birth to us, or with those who came from the same human as we individually did. In other words how to avoid incest with immediate and close relatives?

    This brings me onto my ‘second’ point of faith and religion. I believe in faith and I am a religious person – who tries to understand faith and how it can help me in every day life. Faith for me, is that governing body, those sets of rules given to us by that mighty power who created us. Like all livings things have a start and a finish, this one mighty power is eternal. Something which our limited minds cannot comprehend or grasp the term of ‘eternal’ as nothing around us is as such. Let me give you an example: When I buy a new product – let’s say a new Laptop. The new laptop will be accompanied with a user manual. This manual can only be written by the creator of this new laptop and intended for those who want to use the product. The manual will clearly state how the laptop will work, it’s potential, it’s limits and the conditions it can operate in. Much the same way – all creatures and living beings are governed by laws and faith or religion is such laws that allow us to correctly engage with each other.

    In my view – religion and my faith is that user manual which has thought me and those before me how to live, survive and how to continue on for future generations.

    So the idea of how I have come into being is in fact a piece of art – humans where created with the ability to reproduce – but how to do it was explained to us in religion and faith.

    To be honest – I could go on and on – but I don’t want to change my comment into a mini blog post. So I hope the above makes sense in my understanding of the post you wrote.

    1. Firstly appreciate the time you took in responding in such a detailed manner, Thanks.

      To be honest I don’t really have a road-map to how these posts are developing, however I am trying to refrain from taking too much side on religion or to bring too much of my beliefs into it.

      Life started somewhere and our evolution began from “need” more then “choice”, now, as you mentioned in your first paragraph, we can distinguish whom we make this choice. One thing is for certain, the notion has always been predominantly to “expand” the human race. However my thinking is that for whatever reason it may be, a mental process started which led to the process of the creation of life and the fact that we venture through 9 months of development to enter the world, there must be a reason behind our survival of that first leg of the journey.

      Sorry if I sound confusing, still learning the art of writing.

      Your interesting point that humans were created with the ability to reproduce, however that technicality doesn’t decide our reasoning behind our existance, that is what I am questionning.


      1. I know exactly the point you are making, and in fairness to your post its totally valid. I like, however, arousing debate – and I find such topics of immense importance and of interest that I can hold myself back.

        There has always been conflict between Science and Religion. Science has the Darwin theory – stating our existence or creation as human beings was purely of survival, that from creatures living in the sea, we decided to survive and adopt to conditions outside of water and hence over millions of years become what we are now. Despite this theory being interesting, it is after all just a theory. Evolution as explained by Darwin theory fails in my opinion, as creation in-between evolution have not yet been discovered – but this is a debate for another day.

        For religion purpose, The almighty created two beings, from which generations expanded, who learnt the names of other creations of this almighty. Evolution has happened but on the intellectual level – where we have learnt ways to do things to improve ourselves. The fundamental principle of our existence is a design and a perfect one too – this design cannot just happen by chance – if like a tornado hitting high-speeds through a scrap-yard full of bits and bobs, only to produce a perfect working order of aeroplane, with all this operating system perfect, aerodynamics perfect and the aeroplane in working perfect working order. This is at all possible?

  3. Wow! I love it! The question behind our creation- what was the thought behind it?
    I found it quite funny where you talk about being either “planned” or “unplanned”… and when you believe in things like destiny than there is no such thing as unplanned- just there is a different “planner”…
    I have also read somewhere that when two people have a really strong desire for each other- a really deep feeling for another that goes beyond the physical stuff- than another life force is created out of it… (Kind of like why the pill sometimes doesn’t work or people who doctors have said cant reproduce actually do)..
    I know you’re trying to keep faith out of it, but it feels so connected to it all- If you believe in karma- My spiritual guru says that if there is a soul that is meant to come into this world by your actions, nothing will stop it. (kind of negates what i said about the desire though)
    Such a beautiful topic to raise! The thoughts and possibilities of answers are endless- and no one can tell with absolute certainty who is right!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Shilpa,

      I am glad you liked this post, it’s brewing up well and yes the possibilities are endless and there is no right answer, but that’s the challenge I guess. At some point I guess faith will come into it as I delve into this beautiful design.

      Have a nice day

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