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One Day, you will have to come

[22:53 on a Monday evening and the above quote popped into my head and stimulated a strange story]

Dialog 1.

“Well Thanks for looking after me while I was in India Nitin.  You know when you come here with family, we will show you guys a great time”

“Sure, we will come, once your recession is over in the UK.  You know my work is very vital here, I just can’t pull away.  I just about got 3 days leave to see you when you came over to India”

“Don’t worry about no recession and don’t work too hard. You know, one day, you will have to come, I tell you that”.

Dialog 2.

“Afternoon Naveen, how are things in Delhi?  I spoke to your elder brother Nitin yesterday, we were discussing plans about him visiting us in the UK”

“Nitin will never come Vikram. Firstly he works around the clock and all the money he earns not only runs his household, but he also assists a failure like me.  He pays for my kids education, makes sure we have clothes and bills are paid on time.  He will never come while he has useless family members like me hanging around”.

“Don’t be hard on yourself Naveen, all will be OK, you just keep trying to find work and get yourself back on your feet ok”.

Dialog 3.

“Nitin darling, see who is ringing at this hour, so late baba….What’s that noise, Nitin, Nitin, what’s wrong, you are crying”.

“Bad news from the UK, Vikram passed away!”

Dialog 4.

[Door bell rings, Nitin’s house]

“Yes, can I help you”.

“Sorry to bother you Sir following the sad news yesterday.  I am, was, a good friend of Vikram’s. This envelope is for you, from Vikram…Thank You….Bye Sir”

[Opens the envelope to find a letter and two tickets]

“My dear brother Nitin, by the time you get this, I will have been no more.  You know I told you to come over and see me, you should have listened.  I said. One day, you will have to come.  So here’s that day.  These tickets will get you to the UK in two days time and there will be someone there to collect you both.  Come see me off dear brother, come see me off”.


This evening I recalled a conversation with a very dear friend, strange these thoughts, turned into a story.


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

18 thoughts on “One Day, you will have to come

  1. This made me almost cry. SO many times I have ahd this convesation with my best friends back home in india.. i keep telling them to come over and they say “avaange” “avange” , maybe the day i am no more they will turn up 🙂

    sad how the mind works

    totally understand what it all means …

    1. Hi Bikram,

      The trigger for this was a previous conversation with my cousin in Anandpur, as soon as I made that comment, that’s the only image that popped into my head, which shows I have a very strange mind.

      Sometimes in life its worth taking the risk to seize a moment or opportunity, as opposed to “putting it off” – you never know what might be around the corner.

      Have a nice day.

  2. Bloody hell mate, this is a shocker.

    At University in the UK, I studied with some brilliant people from India. Worked, Lived with and shared many ups and downs with students from India Rajeev and Rahul to name a couple of them. Now, they are successful in their careers in India, and almost every week when we speak they insist I come to visit them and live with them and enjoy India. One of them made a similar statement to me late last year that when he dies I will then visit him.

    This story has sent shivers down my spine.

  3. I wish people would really realise that this moment is all you really have- so even if you are working toward a better future you may never see it the way you dream it… People need to change the way they value family and work… Both are important yet without the one (family), the other (work) means nothing….
    Beautiful post… The quote paints a different picture in my mind… I shall blog about it! Thank you !

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. We always think we have plenty of time to do this or that, so many times we think it can wait till tomorrow. Many times it comes down to “one day we will do this or that” truth is kal kiss neh dekha… For some tomorrow never comes.

  5. This was just beautiful to read D. I said it once, and I will say it again.. you have a voice through your writing. You really have a wonderful talent and I hope you keep using it 🙂

  6. You know, it’s my biggest fear – not ever being able to belong to the one I love, because FATE will take him away from me, or take me away from him.. and I think this story actually made my fears stronger. It’s just this one life.. this one today.. today will go away.. and you don;t know if you will open your eyes tomorrow.. I have only started my life a year ago, real life.. as they say, and I am always bogged down by this fear. Maybe because I have lost a lot in life and can not bear losing again.
    I think one must do what one feels like.. immediately. Because living in the moment is very important. There is no guarantee of the next moment. 😦
    I feel very saddened by this post. Nevertheless it was beautiful.

    1. Hi,

      We often contemplate too much, thinking, shall we do this, do that, it can wait, maybe next year….who has seen tomorrow, let alone the day after that, the month after that or the next year.

      As the latin phrase says, “Carpe Diem”, seize the day

  7. Hit me hard. Every time I hear of someone’s death who wasn’t supposed to die so early, it just makes me go numb.

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