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Vaisakhi 2012

What is Vaisakhi?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

11 thoughts on “Vaisakhi 2012

      1. There is a place in Bradford called ‘Yaadghaar’ and they have a handful of branches here up North. It’s a Asian sweets shop/makers. When you go into this shop (for anything), they have a guy in the middle of the shop who makes you ‘fresh’ Jalebi for you ‘there and then’ and for ‘Free’ while you wait. I swear it’s heaven in there.

      2. Noted on my list for when I am next up North. I use a shop in my local town called Virdee’s and it has yet to be beaten on taste and I am not being biased. I will take a sample up from the South and conduct the ultimate test, “Man v Food” style :-).

        However, must note that this is a fantastic service, jalebi while-u-wait, not seen this anywhere else. You Northerners are kind people I must say.

      3. Yes, we are. I find that Bradford out of all places (including Leeds, Manchester, etc) is probably the best for quality food and Asian sweets. Yaadghaar as like many other similar Asian sweet shops not only make and sell Asian Sweets but have also expanded to the likes of ‘Chana Puri’ style breakfasts for next to nothing.

        Increasingly, I find myself visiting my local Yaadghaar sweet shop too often, as well as my Saturday morning breakfast but also for the other hot, freshly made Jalebi.

        It’s going to take your southerners some heavy work to beat us up here in the humble North.

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