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[SP]: Butterflies, I Had Them

It’s like I’ve been awake all night [pause]

I’ve been brushing my teeth for over 5mins [pause]

I didn’t finish my breakfast [pause]

Someone is talking to me, but I can’t hear them [pause]

I haven’t got the energy to do my laces [pause]

I try and smile to the parents, my mouth hardly moves [pause]

There’s 2mins to go, I am feeling worse [pause]

I take my position, there’s screaming, I can’t hear anything [pause]

Someone’s blown a whistle [pause]


The kid is lying next to me on the floor [pause]

There are cheers [pause]

I feel much better now, a full-blooded tackle [pause]

I start to breath for the first time today [pause]

Me | Age 12 | Cup Final Day

Over the weekend, one of my under 9’s football [soccer] players turned up for a game, there was fear in him before he even stepped onto the pitch.  He just never made that tackle, he couldn’t get rid of those butterflies the whole time.

I felt sorry for him.  It brought back a memory.

Learn to roar, learn to conquer! Never be afraid of anything on this earth! Play the game, not the occasion!



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

10 thoughts on “[SP]: Butterflies, I Had Them

  1. absolutely .. LEARN to stand tall and Walk the Talk ..

    your little poem brought those early school time memories of hockey competitions and all …

    only the ones who are not afraid to fall down and GET UP win in the end

  2. I remember writing a comment here but for some reason it hasn’t appeared, oh well.

    I’ve been in a similar situation during a cricket match, which was the finals for the cup game. As the bowler that I am, in any other game I would be bowling into the batsman over after over, but during this final game – I just couldn’t control my swing, and it took me at least 3 overs to finally control my nerves and get a few wicked.

    In the end we won the final, but there was a moment where the captain thought of taking me off as the opening bowler, but I had to stick at it, and control my nerves especially when so many people had gathered to watch the final game.

    Brings back those exact feelings my friend.

    1. Hi TBAB,

      I am glad you eventually turned it around and notched up some wickets, nothing beats that feeling. The more experience one gets the better accustomed they become to dealing with these kind of situations, however nerves are good for you..


    1. It’s very rare in my life I’ve been nervous of anything. On the rare occasion I have got butterflies I’m stunned and shocked because it’s so not me.

      I remember hosting a charity even for two nights in a row. First night went brilliantly but second night my hands wouldn’t stop shaking and sweating. My mouth was dry and my heart was beating like crazy I could hear it thumping in my ears.

      I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I was so nervous. So I did what us girls do best. Got out my best outfit. A beautiful cream and gold lainga with the most esquisite embroidery detail. Piled my hair high on my head, got the make up out.

      Went in looking a million dollars, everyone was so stunned no one noticed my nerves or sweaty palms and soon I relaxed and pulled of a 3 hour marathon show with no mistakes.

      My feet hurt for days after coz of the 6 inch heels I wore but so worth it.

      1. I am glad you managed to battle it out and make it a successful evening. You know, I do many presentations at work and at events outside of work, but I always get nervous, it’s a good thing because it keeps you in focus with your audience and helps with the body language.

        I don’t think I will be wearing 6inch heels though 🙂

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