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Film Review: Joggers Park

“…it’s a falling in love, and falling itself is a negative concept…..”

Joggers Park is a 2003 Indian cinema release and is the second time I have seen this movie.  The movie tracks a married retired judge, Justice Chatterjee played by Victor Banerjee  and his infatuation with a young women called Jenny, played by Perizaad Zorabian. It also draws a nice parallel with Chatterjee’s teenage grand-daughter, whose love life slowly progresses downwards while his moves upwards.  While she thinks her life is ending because of her whirl-wind love life, its ironic that My Chatterjee feels his life has only just began. 

A majority of the movie moves at a nice steady pace however Jenny is like a constant wind, happy yet troubled, fast, active, injecting colour and vigour to everyone she comes into contact.  Jenny and Mr Chatterjee’s meeting occurs at Joggers Park, a place where people jog.  You can be mistaken to think that Jenny herself leads Mr Chatterjee on, however later in the movie she does admit to her using him because of his position.

His feelings are very apparent however throughout the movie one is never sure how Jenny feels – is her love more out of respect because Mr Chatterjee is not like her previous boyfriends? 

When the situation comes at a cross-roads, he has to make a decision, does he follow his heart or ignore his feelings and live by the very words and honour that he instructs others.

The movie has a lovely soundtrack which consistently plays in the background and is a fantastic tribute to the movie, the plot and more importantly the unfolding emotions, sung by the great Adnan Sami.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

2 thoughts on “Film Review: Joggers Park

  1. I have watched this movie, twice too. Once by accident, while I was flicking through some Asian TV channels and realised I’d missed about 20 minutes of it. The second time was again on TV and this time I made sure I watched it all.

    I must admit, I really enjoyed the movie. Only because it was different from the movies of the time. It, yet again, shows how (back then) experimenting with such story line was both risky and yet new.

    Nice one mate.

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