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Rumble, Tumble, Rain makes us Stumble!

As I peered through the loosely shut blinds this morning, the sun light was beaming, with eyes half open, I peeked even more and suddenly felt the warm rays of the sun.  A beautiful blue sky with patches of white cloud, a fantastic day looked to be in store.  Then, it became Darker, Darker, Darker!

 Over-powered, under prepared, almost timid, at fault, the sun fell away, maybe it underestimated that darkness, ego’s broken, Oh How the Mighty had Fallen.

The rain came down “Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day” we sang, but this was not a day of listening, this was a day of ignorance!

A short demo from outside my house – 16:22




Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

7 thoughts on “Rumble, Tumble, Rain makes us Stumble!

  1. Do you know the drama I have trying to put a washing in our back gardern (yes… I do the laundry…) I look out the window and see the sun… I go out and just as I peg the last piece it starts raining 😦

    I love the sound of rain tho…

    1. Well having a week’s worth of great cricketing weather last week, where I am sure you must have taken to the field to slam a couple of sixes – it’s a sharp turn of events.

      Summer…has been and gone mate.

    1. Hey Kay,

      So nice to hear from you, how are things? As you can see I have somewhat faultered on my “blogging”, but trying to accomplish a post a month at a min.

      Stay in touch 🙂

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