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Closed for Business

There are many valid reasons why I don’t get to write that often, however it’s not due to a lack motivation but due to other factors.

A friend and myself are launching a sports foundation this year for talented British Asians, helping them in many ways to realise and enhance their talents to the highest level possible, hence all my efforts are transferring across to there.

For this sole reason I am going to take break from blogging however promise to keep up to date with your blogs (sorry, again).

You can follow my journey at:




Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

2 thoughts on “Closed for Business

  1. Dude, although I clicked the ‘like’ button, I am sad to see you close down your shop here. The reason why I actually clicked ‘like’ is because I applaud you for your work and new found interest. As we have discussed before – I’m all about British Asian and should you require my assistance then you can call upon me without any hesitation – maybe use my blog as a ‘another’ communication channel when you feel the need.
    Once again, good luck and I shall visiting the other side often.

    1. Hi Dude.

      Thanks for your kind words. Very excited about this new initiative and feel it has fantastic potential to bring some good. If we end up producing an Asian Sports Star who represents England at the top level of sport, then we have done our job.

      Be sure I will be knocking on your door for assistance 🙂

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