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Blogging at 2014 Asia House Literature Festival

This week sees the start of the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival, running 6th May through to 21st May.

Visit the link above to see the exciting workshops on offer throughout the duration of the festival, featuring acclaimed authors from around the globe.

Potatosandwich is happy to announce that it will be covering the following workshops for it’s kind audience of readers. So watch this space!!

Friday 9th May:

Cracking Up –

The Evolution of

British Asian Humour

Asia House continues its popular British Asian evenings with an entertaining look at Brit-Asian humour, its development as a mark of cultural identity and how it has evolved since Goodness Gracious Me.


Anil Gupta, Saurabh Kakkar, Shazia Mirza and with Sathnam Sanghera


Tuesday 13th May:

Changing Sexual


Sex is entwined with religion, tradition, gender and politics across Asia. It makes the perfect lens for examining the region’s complex social landscape. This evening, we take a serious but entertaining look at dating, love, marriage, divorce and LGBT culture in the Middle East, India and Pakistan.

Shereen el FekiSex and the Citadel, Sally HowardThe Kama Sutra Diaries and with Moni Mohsin




Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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