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The Timepiece (3 Elements of Pleasure)

If you want to know the origin….


Many moons ago, fresh out of University, I decided to spend a few days in London staying with relatives while attending a camp.  During my stay I was introduced to a friend of one of my relatives, who happened to be a watch dealer. He was displaying some of his new models and I happened to catch a glimpse a black leather strapped Raymond Weil Sports watch.  You can say I instantly fell in love with it but on hearing the sale value I realised it was “way beyond” what I had ever paid for a timepiece.

After much deliberation I pushed myself to “acquire” its services, based on a gentleman’s agreement that I would eventually purchase it.  Seeing that I was a fresh undergraduate, the seller realised my predicament, maybe he saw through my skin and skull to see my thoughts were working overtime, that maybe I was regretting giving my word. But he was a wise chap and told me that I should wear it from this point on, see how it feels and that I wouldn’t regret this decision.  His words to the effect of “when you meet someone, they will look at your shoes and what’s on your wrist, you will gain instant respect and time because they know you are a man of taste”. He assured me that as a friend, if I still didn’t feel like being one with it in the morning, then he would happily take it back (I don’t think that was a guilt trip comment, he was being genuine).

That evening I didn’t sleep too well, I kept thinking that I had agreed to something that I hadn’t thought through too well, however washing against those thoughts was this elegant watch, firm around my wrist, with its detail and smoothness. The following morning I explained my dilemma, the love for this watch vs my pragmatic reasoning and so I listened to the advice….“My Dear Boy, in life you are going to spend money on greater things, where those things will require much more thought, like buying a house. But in this instance, it’s a treat, and you will learn to treat yourself, nothing wrong with that”.

So the story goes, I stopped reasoning, kept the watch and the pleasure it brings me each time I put it on is only for me to enjoy. It’s a reminder that although we aim to place justification to the things we like to acquire in life, sometimes there are things we simply don’t need to explain, an invisible pleasure beyond reasoning.

Here endith the story of the timepiece.












Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

8 thoughts on “The Timepiece (3 Elements of Pleasure)

  1. TOTALLY right .. it is never wrong to TREAT yourself sometimes , Like i bought those pairs of shoes, it just brought so much pleasure i had a smile for a few days wearing one each day ..

    and that is a beautiful watch .. I learnt the hard way YOU come first for YOURSELF always, if you have to be happy .. a bit harsh but that is the truth and if you can do that sometimes life will be pleasant .. constantly trying to keep everyone else happy and forgetting yourself will never make you happy ..

    Ps:- sorry i did not reply to your comment at my post BUT when are you coming .. waitinggggg … come on the lager and the chicken is getting cold 🙂 🙂 🙂 he he he he

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Bikram. It gets even more challenging when you have kids as their wants will always come first. But with this challenge comes the satisfaction that although it may take that little longer to save, the pleasure in obtaining that treat is unquestionable.

  2. You are so right D :). Sometimes I find myself not wanting to treat myself, but I end up reminding myself that I deserve to treat myself. There’s nothing wrong with gifting myself with something small to put a smile on my face. It can be flowers or a small meal. Whatever it is, we should definitely have the ability to make our own selves happy. Beautiful post my friend

  3. Could not agree more with the above comments. I’m a firm believer that until we learn to keep ourselves happy we are incapable of spreading happiness to those around us. So by keeping yourself happy you’re doing the world a favour!

    Really enjoyed reading this story. I never knew the background to this timepiece and now I have a new found respect for this thing that provoked so much thought and emotion in you…

    1. Thanks Sis. Such a purchse will be hard to match, it’s every day that you understand there are greater things then logic and reasoning. Quenching the soul with pleasure is only something the individual can themselves do.

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