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An Inspiring Individual – Vaisakhi Thoughts

Never has this world ever before,

Witnessed such an Inspiring figure,

He showed equality,

Placing both hands on pots of significance,

Tender an age he was, but answered his Father’s statement,

Knowing it led to certain death,

Such was He a visionary,

He energised an entire race,

In one instant action of determination,

He diminished all chains of caste,

But humble was his very nature,

As he knelt down to Khalsa, Amrit to partake,

A transformation he led of numbers very small,

Having achieved an impact of most significance,

He sacrificed his Four Sons, stating he had many more,

Whatever is said, is not enough!

Just not enough, a debt we can never repay!


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

4 thoughts on “An Inspiring Individual – Vaisakhi Thoughts

  1. Just reading this makes me even more determined. I know this poem is about something else, but it is inspiring me to go forth with my book courageously. Thanks for this my friend. I know art can be about anything and inspire and that’s certainly what this did for me.

    1. Hey Kia. If I were to take this historic element and map to modern day, then it’s about not being afraid to make your mark in this world in a positive way, that benefits others. Transferable to any aspect of life. Take care.

      1. You’re absolutely right. Which is why I came back here just to read it again to become motivate before I start writing. Thanks again my friend.

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