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Life is like the Road you Know!

Life is like the road you know
The bike like the mind inside you
And you the cyclist, navigating your way.

You’ll see the cracks in the road often
And learn to avoid them carefully
Hell you”ll become so good at it
That you’ll have learnt
Where the minute gradient in the crack
Will give you the less strain and danger.

But sometimes there are external elements
Those well outside your control
Like the wind, the rain, the summer heat
Will often throw you off course
So maybe next time, you won’t be sure anymore.

And you hit that same crack hard
It dislodges you from the bike
And both it and you suffer the pain and hurt.

Overtime, bikes can be repaired
And like the mind they learn to go on again
With time, the cyclist can regain their confidence
With time, they can learn to trust the bike again.

The elements will always be there
It’s God’s nature and creation
And those elements in our lives will always be there
They are just human nature.

And yet it’s simple to just change your route
To never ride there again
But remember.
That road may have been your starting point
And that it’s OK to go back again
And that it’s OK if you fall again
That’s just the road.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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