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My first blurb for my first novel

One of my January/February priorities was to write a blurb for my first novel and so I have been beavering away.  I’d love to hear your feedback on it, first iteration but keen to know if it would entice you.

“Before starting the car, there was a momentary, but silent exchange between Inder and Gurcharan.

They were both thinking the same thing. Had they suddenly underestimated this road trip, the enormity of what they were about to embark on?

With a small blessing ushered under their breath, Inder started the car and they headed towards Dover, it was Wednesday 4th of October 1967”.

The Chhatwal brothers left their homeland of India and came to England in search of work.  But the reality of adjusting to a whole new culture soon kicked in.  Their families back home longed to see them again but the brothers couldn’t afford the plane ticket home.  Then one day they spot an advert in the local newspaper, asking for two people to drive a family from London to India.

Come and be one of the passengers as Inder and Gurcharan drive across 9 countries with 3 strangers.

As they venture on this crazy road trip, it presents a time for reflection for all those wedged together in the Morris Austin Cambridge Estate car.  For the Chhatwal brothers, time to recall the journey which brought them to England in the first place. For the family of strangers, a realisation as to the reason why they are heading back now!

Having never driven out of London before, can the brothers survive the challenges of the road? Did their decision to leave their beloved homeland turn out to be the right one?

Book categories: Non-fiction; Travel; Immigration; Culture


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

9 thoughts on “My first blurb for my first novel

  1. It’s a good simple synopsis of the novel but try and condense it further, and add a hook at the beginning. This could be a question, or a statement that immediately grabs attention!
    Great first try though. Believe me, I know this is an arduous task!

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