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Logo with a story

Potato Sandwich born

When I created this blog back in December 2010 the site name was an easy decision.   Potato Sandwich was the simple combination made up of both mine and my wife’s surname, when pronounced in Panjabi. It was not until later a few years later that I decided to add a logo to support the site.


We both like the colour blue so injecting this into the sandwich worked for me.  I will own up that I wouldn’t normally consume a blue looking sandwich unless it was for the sake of #art.

Keeping it separate 

In December 2015 my focused writing got underway with my first novel. A true account of two brothers who drove 3 strangers from England to India in 1967.

At the start of this year I decided to create a separate website dedicated to my novel, and hopefully future publications. While the site is in development and will be live in a few months time, I was keen to develop a logo for my writing.  So phone camera in hand and with some ideas I created the following:

Header - WLS v2

So the story goes…..

In January 2015 my sister gifted me a personalised notebook from Hope House Press If you are a notebook geek like me, you would appreciate the quality of the cover and the silk lined paper. But the high quality of the paper deserved the right pen to write on.  Not pictured here but I treated myself to a mont blanc ball point pen 13 years ago and filled up this book.  Last year I invested in this red mont blanc James Dean edition pen for my next phase of writing.

I have to profess that I write more in comparison to typing on a computer – it improves my handwriting and keeps my hand strong. So the story for this logo is where old meets new, where hope turns into reality and new horizons.

Happy writing all.






Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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