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A Special Journey…continues with faith

My ego combed, I continued

We arrived at the first Holy gate,
Here I was supposed to let go,
But it seems my ego held tight,
While others forsake comfort to sleep simple,
I slept on silk sheets dreaming pleasures,
Next day we began the rocky drive,
Our driver was in a foul mood,
It seems he’d fought with loved ones,
His ego was overwhelming his driving ability,
The roads were narrow barely enough room,
I sunk my head in prayer for safety,
Thoughts of my two angels back home,
Rang deep in my now nervous heart,
With each breath I chanted for strength,
In that moment a mirror image revealed,
My ego I had to comb away,
The barrier I had to tear down,
Fear had now dispelled itself from me,
The path ahead now was much clearer,
Two strangers had found solace and peace,
I arrived at the second Holy gate!

[“A special journey” series – Tuesday]




Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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