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What Is Life To You [by a 11yr old]

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I recently joined a blogging community where you get the opportunity to contribute and read some interesting posts. One of the posts written in the #chatroom by fellow blogger Saumya Agrawal titled what is life to you.
Yesterday my 11 year old son came to me and said he’d finished all his homework and was looking for something to do. I pondered for a moment then said to him, write me in more then 99 words something on the title “what is life to me”. While my better half thought this was a bit heavy for a Monday evening, I said let’s see what he comes up with. So by way of #guestpost please enjoy his response.

Life can be described in many words – busy, incredible, dangerous, horrible and misleading. Life to me is love, happiness and hard-work. To have love in your life is very important as it gives you memories in your life. Where you can smile and laugh, have a good time. It brings happiness – a topic that I will expand on later. Another aspect is life is hard work, if you work hard all your life happiness will come your way; having a perfect job. Happiness links to the other two aspects and is an ultimate goal in life.

Our purpose is not to strive for the perfect answer or a response we feel is suitable for the wider audience. But to ensure we engage our next generation in thought so they can start making up their own minds. For them to become critical thinkers so that they can challenge the array of information sources that cloud our judgement today.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

10 thoughts on “What Is Life To You [by a 11yr old]

  1. This is so great and I absolutely agree the next generation should be taught to become agents of change so that the world can become a better place instead of remaining the same.

  2. Me and Nayan read this together. Nayan agrees with Manav, we both really enjoyed Reading about his thoughts. Nayan says β€œIt was the best story ever!”
    We’re inspired to write about the same, important to be at one with your own meaning of life.

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