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#Foodie Wednesday – Chilli Paneer (Cheese)

A little late today and would like to keep this up once a week if I can. Unless you’re vegan, or have an allergy to cheese, who doesn’t like it. While mild cheddar is the order of the day, I prefer my cheese to have a kick, so like a Mexican cheese slice.

I also like Paneer (fresh cheese commonly used on the Indian Subcontinent) and you can get this either as a block or diced up. Chilli Paneer is a firm favourite of mine and you can make it rich in sauce or dry. Here’s my attempt at it.

Chilli Paneer

Ingredients and Instructions (click below)

Sharing the link to the site I used try and replicate this dish. As you can see from the puc my version was dry and so perfect with salad, as a starter dish.

Hope your version comes out nice if you cook it. Or share your version of a chilli paneer and I’ll happily try it. In actual fact feel free to share any dish you like to cook!!


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

7 thoughts on “#Foodie Wednesday – Chilli Paneer (Cheese)

  1. Looks too yummy! Chilli Paneer is under-rated; I think it’s possible of the finest Indian dishes available. Paneer is so versatile.
    In my recipe I don’t coat the paneer, just a bit of olive oil, seasoning then pop under the grill. Gives it a nice crisp.
    Then for the sauce I use a combination of soy sauce, honey and malt vinegar. Gives it a hot and sour taste

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