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Museum of the Moon – Rochester Cathedral

Wednesday 19th February the family and I took a trip down to Rochester Cathedral to see a newly installed exhibition called Museum of the Moon. If you live in the UK then the event is still on until 4th March, hopefully you can get yourself down to it. It’s free during the day, but a small charge after 18.30 as they dim the lights so the effect really comes to life. For those that can’t make it, I’d like to share some photos I took.
One of the staff members told me this event was part of 6 others taking place around the world. The large size moon is made of the same material they use for parachutes (Canvas, Silk, Dacron, Kevlar, and Nylon). Then the object is covered with a multitude of images of the Moon’s surface taken by NASA over a sustained period of time.
Images taken with Samsung smart phone.

Rochester Cathedral

Morning view of Rochester Cathedral, queues of people already forming in the distance

The Moon, my favourite picture

The Moon, but a whisker away


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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