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Words every footstep – Docks of Salford Quays

Last week I stayed over in Manchester for a work trip. Our office there is located in Salford, in Media City. It’s not the prettiest part of Manchester but as you walk outside you are surrounded by the BBC and ITV studios. If you ever watch the BBC news in the mornings, our office is one of the buildings in the background, when they do show the view outside.

Room with a view

As the trip was short notice I had to find something quick, which I did but it won’t be my choice the next time. For anyone staying in Salford I would recommend Hotel Football, where I stayed last time out.

Morning view from my hotel room – I quickly drew the curtains back again!

But, the ground had words

Salford Quays was home to the historic Salford docks which closed down a long time ago. The walk from my hotel to the office took me along the old docks. In memory of the docks the local council have placed stones with lovely words on them, every few metres. Here are images of some of those stones.


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

10 thoughts on “Words every footstep – Docks of Salford Quays

  1. Yeah, fair enough, I probably would have closed the curtains on that stark view myself.

    But those stones with the words on them- those a beautiful and such a wonderful tribute to the past and those who had come before. Thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Wish there were less of buildings in the view….just the sky would have done
    Cool stones. Not anything on the walls?

    1. It was a murky sky further up…you may not have enjoyed that….

      “..the walls were bare like the souls of the people who let the docks lose some of its history”….

      1. doesn’t look like that in the photo. maybe your cam just captured the good colours 😀

        that’s sad

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