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#CommunityChallenge Letter to March

A 10-day writing challenge set up by one of our Community Writers Saumya Agrawal. Today Mark’s the last in this series. Thanks all for reading and commenting.

Letter to a stranger


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

10 thoughts on “#CommunityChallenge Letter to March

      1. I hope so Ritu. My fear is people may just start back again with old habits. For me there are two camps of people:
        (1) isolation meant time at home with family, a new beginning, a change in lifestyle.
        (2) isolation meant ‘we got lucky, may not be a next time, I’m going to go even harder’…change for the worse..

        Just my thoughts

      2. I hope the majority associate themselves in camp 1.
        I am nervous to even think about the kind of madness that may unfold on Day 1 after lockdown. I think I will be on self-imposed lockdown for two more weeks until the world adjusts to the idiocy.

  1. This one got better and better with every following sentence. I read some people saying that March felt like 51 days long 😛

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