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Why No Poetry

Why no poetry on my blog,
Is it that I have a fear,
Are my creative pipes all blocked,
Cos there’s no topic, to me that dear.

Poets write about love and passion,
Poets spill tales of joy and sadness,
I’m only as good as a horror slash-em,
Anyone reading will think it’s madness.

And so a poetry post eludes me,
I think I should just leave,
But rest assure I’m a busy bee,
There’s something good up my sleeve.

I don’t tend to write much poetry, you can see why.


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

12 thoughts on “Why No Poetry

  1. I found it adorable. I like the reference to slasher films.

    Not all poetry has to be flowery and wordy and nauseating 😉

      1. Seriously, though, poetry is not formed in just the rhyming or rhythmic ways, school taught us.
        There are plenty of ‘unformed’ ways.
        I think you slot in very well!

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