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Words & Pictures: Just Me, Just Bike

Scrolling through my phone I noticed so many photos that I took but never revisited thereafter. Sharing these every so often supported by my thoughts.

Just Me, Just Bike

      He climbed the hill and his thighs felt like they were on fire.  Reaching the top he had the option to stop, to take a breather. But he ignored the internal call and rode straight down the steep hill. 
     It was hard to tell whether it was the wind, or something else which caused tears to stream down his cheeks.  No one saw, only he knew. 

Location: Bottom of Old Watling Street (Kent A2)


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

19 thoughts on “Words & Pictures: Just Me, Just Bike

    1. I love cycling so always taking snaps of when I am on the two wheels.
      For this pic I was about to go on a long ride, from home in Kent to Greenwich Park in London. Did some crude hills on the way. It’s also a chance to battle any emotions, and with cycling you can hide them well and with hours on the saddle let them out slowly.

      1. Sounds great both physically and emotionally. I was curious as to whether you were trying to capture something specific.

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