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Month End – April accomplishments

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try

– unknown

In amongst the daily grind we must not forget about our own personal accomplishments. So as I speedily arrive to the end of this month, what have I been up to?

Note: today’s post has superseded my weekly Friday one (what did I learn this week), this will be back! 

Mum’s a ‘Super Solid’ person

OK so my accomplishment here is that I swam the fastest, got to island first, kept my head down for 9 months or so and was lucky enough to have me mum.  40 days ago mum started prayers at home for the well-being of everyone in the face of this pandemic. Over the weekend all the family connected online as mum finished off the last few stanzas. At the end she told us a story which exemplified power of prayers – the kids and adults alike, we loved this part. Mum’s super solid because she always finds a way to connect everyone, and it’s something she wants to do throughout the year now.

BETA reader feedback complete

As of last week all the feedback that I had received from my lovely BETA readers has now now been reflected into the next draft. It took time and I recently wrote a post about the whole process. Next step is re-structure some of the chapters, a few more tweaks and by end of May I will have it all wrapped up. Then off to a professional editor and traditional publishing houses.

Time to paint

After spending one sunny day mowing the lawn, trimming the edges, pulling out weeds and pruning a small tree, I felt compelled to paint. Shops being closed, online DIY ordering meant sitting in a virtual queue. I opted for a total change of colour, got some grey and went about painting the back garden gate. Next year I’ll invest in a sander to further smooth out that wood…..

….oh I also painted the other side too…


Blogging Community marches on – Jugalbandi

Our esteem site creater, mentor and motivator Saumya Agrawal kicked off an enterprising writing idea called Jugalbandi. I was fortunate enough to contribute a chapter and the story is taking an interesting twist with each writer who pens their words. Come join the community, and catch up on all the chapters so far….

My first 50 mile bike ride this year, but it was eerie

There is always a risk when cycling alongside road traffic, even more so if you are in London. But with lockdown, traffic (both car and people) has been minimal. So last Sunday a friend and myself rode from home (Kent) to Greenwich Park in London.
Greenwich is a beautiful place, and the parks offer silence against the often noisy backdrop. This was our 2nd visit within a 3 week period but we decided to try out the Thames Path route. Mostly flat with some twists, turns and bumpy surfaces, it was a real treat to ride alongside the Thames River. Leaving home at 7am we anticipated it would be quiet, however that was not the case. As we got closer to London, the route was swamped with morning runners, other cyclists and parents out with kids. There was a lot of weaving to be mastered. By the time we reached Greenwich, the sun was shinning and the views were stunning. However it was eerie because the shops were closed, and this once bustling place was like a whisper. What got me more was people walking away as you approached, but I understand that.
On the positive side, by the time we reached back home, with very sore bottoms, we had rode 51 miles. 5 hours on the saddle came at a cost….ouch! Some pics from my trip.

How has your month been? Have you been able to tick off something on your list?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

44 thoughts on “Month End – April accomplishments

      1. Eh,it’s not so easy to translate my studies from Italian 😂
        We could say sciences of nature, every course from a natural point of view: biology, chemistry, geology, physics…

  1. Wow! Congratulations on all the accomplishments ❤️ About the prayer, my mom is the same. She always taught us how and why prayer and gratitude is so important 🙏🏻 Thanks to her for my spiritual side 😇

    About the accomplishments I had last month – my blog ❤️❤️❤️ I am so happy that I finally started writing last month. Yesterday I completed my 20th post which made me so happy 😍

    I share your accomplishment of writing a chapter for Jugalbandi 💕

    I never knew I could cook+clean+work+write and still be alive and energetic ❤️ So that’s an accomplishment for me!

    1. Wow back! I’m very happy to hear about the blog and I’m glad I landed on it, have really enjoyed reading your posts. May your blog continue to flourish.

      Multitasking for myself is still way off.

      Here’s to another productive month, stay fit and healthy, and let’s pray for the well being of everyone.

  2. Well done, Danny! All great accomplishments!

    Sometimes I feel that, at this moment, being present and able to read, write and answer comments is an accomplishment in itself!

    April got me going again on book 2!
    And I created a story board.
    I ticked a few modules off on a writing course I’m doing.
    I started an online calligraphy course.
    I mastered(ish) your favourite thing… TicTok!!!

    1. Naheeeeeeeeee …. TikTok!!!!
      But I’m happy to hear Book 2 writing is back on the agenda.
      I agree, reading and commenting on posts (which I enjoy) is an accomplishment in itself.

      1. It means we are still here, functioning as people, and (hopefully) safe from the virus, too 🙏🏽

  3. Awesome accomplishments. I was mostly on consumption mode in April and all my writing was official documentations.
    I read first two chapters of jugalbandhi.. Yours too.. Nice angle.. Hoping to catch up on the rest of the parts and start commenting this weekend.

    1. Writing is writing. I also wrote up some PM gateway processes for a project outside of work, to help a team. That was my only technical/professional documentation in April.
      Jugalbandhi…..waiting for your angle on the story…….😉

  4. I like the grey. I’m hopefully moving to a new house in July that needs the fencing painted. You could pop by 😁? I’ve offshored two processes this month at work. I’ve turned another year older 👎.

    1. Ah. Good luck on the house move. If it’s just the fence that needs painting then that’s not too bad. I’ll take cakes as payment.
      Happy about the offshore? Give you more breathing space?
      …..turning another year is OK as long as you’re not turning grey……😆

  5. I am going a grey as your gate. I have fair hair which hides the fact quite well. Am I happy about the offshore? Actually yes. It’s been good to work with partners across the globe and is work that my team doesn’t enjoy.

  6. You are such a dedicated person to do this every week and every month.
    My accomplishment was completing one year at my first job.
    I tried the A-Z challenge. managed to do half of it. 😀
    Started Jugalbandi. I am so proud of all the writers who have contributed to it and will be writing in the future. Saving my part for the last 😉
    I invested more time on Randomness Inked in April.
    I managed to complete writing three assignments. Yes, I have been cribbing about ti since January end. And one is still left. But then on the brighter side, I completed writing three 😛
    I signed a deal with Irut that we’ll be starting Urdu lessons after Ramadan.
    I completed my first Punjabi lesson on April 1. Eagerly waiting for the second one (HINT HINT HINT!!!)
    I baked nankhatai successfully. I tried baking a cake but the utensil turned out dagabaaz. It was half cooked 😛
    Have been helping around with the housework.
    Okay! I think I can elaborate them and make a post. Hopefully for the weekend. Let’s see…
    PS: You ate the ‘i’ of Greenwich in photo caption 😛

    1. Woozer! You have been busy. I am intrigued, what topics are your assignments specifically about?
      Urdu is a beautiful language, and I know Irut will do a better job then me as my Punjabi lessons are behind, I am on the case!
      What is Nankhatai?
      P.S.S. Will find the ‘i’ and unite it with the family.

      1. You don’t know nankhatai? OMG!!!! Okay so they are like indian cookies… made from besan (gram flour), maida (all purpose flour) and sooji (semolina, i that how you spell it?)
        Check out the images here:

        It’s just yummmmm!!!!

        In the first year, it was all British literature. I completed poetry, drama and novel. The last one about aspects of language english.

        Also, you could make the lessons longer… 🙂

      2. Hahaha… I am also the kid who still removes almonds and cashews from sweets and hands over them to mumma 😀

  7. Wow seems like you had a productive month! I spent half the month studying for exams and finishing my research papers. I spent the other cooking new recipes, learning new meditations and yoga positions and working on improving my blog.

  8. Seems to be quite an eventful month. I have started taking interest in cooking and preparing shakes and juices while we entered into the auspicious month of Ramadan end-April.

      1. LOL!! ya sure.. I love your painting skills though .. Grey was a good choice, you know.. until now i was think white is the official color for garden fences and gates 😛

  9. Hey some great accomplishments there

    Even I got my hands on some good productive work. I read 3 books and helped Mom around with her work. Also have been blogging quite a lot.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day

    Do check out my blog. There is some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. We try to come up with new and interesting things every day. Do follow if you like it 🙂

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