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Being Arty -My Very Own Salvador Dali

I like to draw from time to time and always enjoyed art at school (albeit I wasn’t great at it). So regardless of the fact that we are all locked in and trying to keep ourselves occupied, we enjoyed this activity a long time before.

I’m fond of Salvador (Dali)

In 1999 (tender age of 20 something) I spent the final year at University hanging out with an art student. I was studying computing but wanted a break from 24/7 techie talk.  I attended art exhibitions for a mindset change, hosted by students, and made a new friend.  This friend of mine was a big fan of works by Salvador Dali.  Long story short, over the course of the year I too became a fan of his work.  I kept rabbiting on about it at home, so for my next birthday I got a re-print of one of Dali’s master pieces (I wouldn’t have said no to an original). 

Autumnal Cannibalism (1936)

The re-print was called Autumnal Cannibalism.  The original was painted in 1936, the year the civil war began in Spain.  The painting is a representation of the horrors and destruction of war and the devouring of sexual relationships.  Not quite sure why I got this particular one as I am a peace loving, laid back chap.  Maybe someone was trying to tell me something?  Here is the picture:

Autumnal Cannibalism 1936 by Salvador Dal? 1904-1989
Image from

So I became Dali for a Day

Over the weekend, and has a monthly mantra to draw and show each month, I attempted my own version. In true Dali style here is the sum of my efforts, with an explanation of what it represents.

“The decay of me”

Drawing - ART - MAY 2020
Dali “inspired” drawing by the Potato

At the centre of this drawing is a tree, on one side it is flourishing with lush green leaves, while on the other side it is discoloured, it’s branches with no leaves.
I love apples and oranges so play on that for the eyes.  But over time and with no attention the fruit has rotted, lost it’s colour and will become distasteful.  “Time” features heavily in Dali’s paintings, and so I re-used the slopping clock to show we have no grasp over time, even though we think we do.
One of my biggest fears is losing the ability to think on my feet, something I’ve learnt from my passion for stand up comedy; hence the boxes with an image of a brain. While in my youth (and my job) I was constantly coached to “think outside the box”, as we get older and more responsible, our capability to push boundaries gets restricted. And with age, the risk that I could forget things, things important to me (hence why I blog)!
Keeping on the theme of responsibility, we go from care-free and free talking to a more ‘sealed lips’ approach.  Having to watch what we say to show diplomacy in many relationships.
And no Potatosandwich artwork would be complete without a cycle – I am always in a hurry to finish and get back home.

“I draw without hesitation, while I may speak with hesitation”






Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

23 thoughts on “Being Arty -My Very Own Salvador Dali

    1. Ha ha, love that name – I think I’ll keep it. I love his work but more so the craziness behind his mind and his paintings.
      P.S. Need to invest in some top notch colouring and drawing equipment and not keep borrowing from my youngest 🙂

  1. Im at a loss of words at the imagination behind your drawing.. its tooooo good.. like woow.. salvadorjeet, you are😊
    This kind of art actually scares me or you can say makes me anxious cause im unable to actually figure it out and you have done it soooo effortlessly.. hats off

    1. I can’t stand in front of paintings and try and figure out their deepest meaning. When I started getting into the works of Dali, I purchased some books on his life story. That helped with understanding why he could paint what he did, because he was going through a particular phase.
      I just tried messing about it, but to portray my own fears….
      Thanks Irut

  2. This was fantastic. The thought that went behind this art, I am blown away. Thanks for explaining. I am not one to look at art and start thinking deep to understand its meaning. You should continue creating these

  3. Is that you fallen off your bike on the right hand side? Very deep thoughts in that drawing.

    1. Me and the bike? Last year I rang my life insurance company up just to make sure ‘death by bike’ was covered so the fam would benefit. So that’s where that thought was going. 😁

  4. Great drawing. I’m not a Dali fan. I did an Art degree and DaDa and Surrealist Art were not my favourite artists to draw inspiration from. I’m much more a pre-raphaelites type of girl. You should keep up the art though, you have talent.

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