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#Friday 11.0: 19 Years of bliss with a Tang and Coffee Shop

Each week I will (try and) share a small segment of something useful I learnt. While this is for my own amusement I hope it resonates with my lovely readers.

                  This week marked 19 years of marriage for my better half and I.  Rest assure I won’t get too cheesy, if at all so don’t reach for those bags yet!  We always take annual leave for anniversaries (AniV) and birthdays.  In December we had planned to drop the kids off at school on the morning of our AniV and head to London for lunch at The Ritz.  We’d never been before so were looking forward to it, however mysterious viruses were afloat to scupper plans.

                   Anyway, we’re all in the same boat so maybe next year! However we still enjoyed the day and for me certainly it’s been a zippy 19 years.  I was a book whose chapters were hard to turn. Then someone came along, re-wrote me as a revised edition and slowly I was worth picking up from the bookshelf. 

What is a Tang? 

                   Until earlier this week I didn’t know what a tang was, but thanks to my fellow friend and talented writer, Irut, I do now.  Did you know?  If not, check out her post and blog.

That Coffee Shop feeling

                   I’m not one of those people who would take my laptop to a coffee shop, settle down and start writing away – you know like in the movies.  I can count this routine on one hand.  However, I appreciate many of you might do this, and surely you must be missing that atmosphere and environment?  If you do, then fear not.  This week I came across a good post on increasing productivity by writer Shelley Wilson.  In her post, she shared the cafe background noise generator app. Check it out, I am enjoying it right now as I type this. 

Cafe Restaurant Noise Generator


Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

16 thoughts on “#Friday 11.0: 19 Years of bliss with a Tang and Coffee Shop

  1. 19 years, whoa! Congrats to you and your better half. Er, other half? 😛 That is awesome, dude, happy anniversary.

      1. Only a barrel? I was thinking maybe tanker truck full of trouble…He he.

  2. Thanks for the tag, and happy anniversary to you both! A visit to the Ritz is definitely something to look forward to when the world switches back on again x

  3. Happy Anniversary! We are 10 years at the end of the month. No Ritz for us either. I like the cafe noise generator. Though like you I’ve only ever taken my laptop into a cafe a handful of times.

  4. Firstly, happy anniversary to you and Mrs Danny!
    Its our 19th this year too, but a little later. Maybe we’ll miss coronagate!
    As far as I knew, a Tang was a type of tropical fish, so learned a new meaning, there!
    And isn’t Shelley great? She’s a successful author, with so many motivational ideas, and a Brummy friend of mine, to boot! Glad you got to know of her!
    Enjoy your weekend 😁

  5. Hey!! Thanks for the mention..
    Happy anniversary .. 19 years Of bliss and all emotions spent together, I am sure… Ritz lunch is all you need.. wish you both an eternity of togetherness..
    the cafe sound app is an interesting thing.. I am going to try it out today itself☺️

  6. Happy marriage anniversary! 🙂
    That coffee shop sound sounds nice. I’ll try it.

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