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Words & Pictures: Message in a Jar



When you find this, let it be known it was the humans who first discouraged human interaction. 

Photo taken in 2018 –  arriving in Eastbourne after hiking 16 miles across Seven Sisters from Seaford. 

What would your message in the jar say?


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

21 thoughts on “Words & Pictures: Message in a Jar

  1. “You are beautiful, sunshine!”

    Did you throw it in the ocean? That’s so exciting! Dropped your name and contact details to know how far did it reach?

      1. ahahhaa…was there any name or contact on it? maybe it had washed up on the shore for you 😉

  2. Give ’em hell!

    Yeah, eloquent, aren’t I? But people are fighting so hard to stay sane amidst being forced to be disconnected, it seems fitting. Keep going, keep raging against the dying of the light, all that good stuff.

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