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#Friday 13.0: My new therapeutic pass time

Each week I will (try and) share a small segment of something useful I learnt. While this is for my own amusement I hope it resonates with my lovely readers.

The journey thus far

                  There are certain household activities from which I get a very therapeutic kick out of.  But to name a few: (1) Hoovering: I’ve always loved hovering around the house. During my teenage years mum nominated me to take up that activity full time.  To this day adamant that it was my diligent approach to it, rather then being an easy target that won me this accolade. (2) Washing up: I only ever started using a dish washer after I got married some 19 years ago.  Before that time I’d happily help my parents with washing up, ensuring each dish was sparkling clean.  Today, while majority of the cutlery can be shoved in thy dishwasher, I still love scrubbing those pots and pans to make sure every inch of the area is spotless.  (3) Ironing: My therapeutic connection is not so strong anymore with this one. There was time when I would iron my clothes for the entire week on a Sunday evening, gliding across while listening to music. 
                    Earlier in the week my mum came around to see the kids, and being off work, also wanted to teach my wife how to make Samosas from scratch. All changed…… 

                   A samosa is generally a triangular shaped pastry which by default is filled with potatoes (and peas). It is part of a family of popular Indian snacks and is fried to perfection and enjoyed with sauces to taste. 
                   While my mum loves cooking, she admits at being no spring chicken and not as fast as she once was. Therefore keen to pass on the techniques, she insisted that for a change I also get involved in the preparation process.  Quite a change for me who normally is just the consumer.  
                  After the first few demonstrations I was charged with being responsible of multiple stages from inception through to completion. My most favourite part was filling up the pastry and then sealing it like an envelope. We managed to make 98 samosas and consume around 10 in taste testing.  But I found it very therapeutic to the amazement of my mum, who has already booked in another date to make another batch.  Most importantly, it’s valuable time spent with my mum and she with us and the kids.

What things around the house do you find therapeutic? 


Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

33 thoughts on “#Friday 13.0: My new therapeutic pass time

  1. Aww, cooking with mum, that is so sweet 🙂

    I, not being a domestic goddess, loathe all things related to cooking and cleaning. My favorite thing to do around the house involves sitting on my butt and writing or escaping into music or TV. Though I am prone to loooong conversations and snuggle buggle with the cats, so I guess that’s my favorite thing I do at home.
    (I tried conversing and snuggling my child but she doesn’t allow me to get a word in edgewise and never stops squirming, so I had to turn all my attention to the cats.)

    I am sure my mom would teach me to bake sweets but I don’t eat them so we’ll just stick to the actual meals I learned to make from her. If I start making sweets, my kid is going to need six dentists and I can’t even get her to go to the one she has 😉

    1. Ahh bless. Yes I forgot to mention that, writing is therapeutic too for me. TV not so much for me anymore, just seem to have really gone off watching anything, don’t know why.

  2. Oh I have to say, I love washing up and ironing… We still don’t have a dish washer!
    And ‘hovering’? I’m imagining you floating around the house! 🤣 Or was it Hoovering?
    Samosas are really fun to make too. My sis in law and I make batches sometimes!

      1. I didn’t know there were kinds. I just walk to where there’s spring rolls and have my feel.

        But now that you say this, I recall they don’t quite all taste the same 😅

    1. Now that is pushing the boundaries…a friend of mine went into the business of making samosas, her signature one’s were different chocolates. Piping hot choc in a Samosa is a real treat

  3. They look good! Well done! I like hoovering too but after 6 months without a dishwasher, the washing up is wearing a bit thin. I move house in 5 weeks and I’ll be back with a beloved dishwasher again.

  4. Maybe I can. Don’t want to burn the place down immediately though. Perhaps after the first month. 😂

    1. Awww my dear friend Sat Sri Akhal Ji too. Thank you for the award, I am not too great with these if I’m honest but will check out link. We have inspiration everywhere. Stay blessed ji.

  5. I find cooking something new so therapeutic (might be a family thing considering your post??). The freedom of flicking through a cookbook, randomly choosing a recipe of something that looks mouthwatering, then being able to step by step create the masterpiece – it’s so relaxing and fulfilling (especially when I discover a new family favourite!)

  6. I find cooking therapeutic too. I have never made samosas but I love to eat them. To make samosas is actually on one of my lists, it is something I have wanted to do for years. I might give it a go soon. I’m trying to think of things a find therapeutic – I suppose I would have to say dusting/polishing and cleaning windows. Great post 👍🏻

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