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Month End – May accomplishments

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try

– unknown

In amongst the daily grind we must not forget about our own personal accomplishments. So as I speedily arrive to the end of this month, what have I been up to?

Debut Novel – My Final Edits Done!

On Friday 15th May I finally completed the last edit on my book which got underway in July 2015. In essence, a story about two brothers who drove a family from London to India. A family they had never met before! I feel I have taken the book as far as I can, so now time to give it to the professionals to rip apart, join back up and see where it takes me. I’d like to thank everyone who been involved in reading, re-reading, advising, the journey became a little easier.
During the writing of this book we sadly lost one of the brothers a few years back, and while my writing dipped my motivation spurred on! A lot of this I owe to them both.

Please scroll up to the menu section to find out more about the book. It needs updating and so I will be setting up a new website dedicated to the book – coming soon.

December 2015 when I sat down with the brothers, both my uncles, to start the journey

Music Month & more in the Blogging Community

#MM (Music Month)

We kicked off May with a #MM challenge. Writers sharing one song each week with a reason as to why they chose it. Well done and thanks for taking part, if you couldn’t post, don’t worry, still take part. Head over to the site, and type “Music” in the search bar to see our posts. I am so glad to have joined this flourishing community of writers, we’ve become good friends. It’s fine that we all have busy lives, our own challenges but somehow everyone finds time and energy to post and share. So much variety in the style of writing, an honour to share the same virtual room πŸ™‚ – let’s keep it up.

Cycling Challenge

As some of you will know I’m a cycling-nerd and enjoy being on my bike. I am not about performance or speed, but distance and trying to find new places to ride along. So at the beginning of the month I set myself three challenges:
(1) 15 hrs of riding
(2) 200 miles of riding
(3) Riding to Greenwich Park (London) at night time

Glad to say I managed to get them finished. Riding at night was something I hadn’t done before, and London is one of those places which looks beautiful during the night. I waltzed in around 1.30 am, which was OK until I turned on the shower and started singing!

But in this lockdown period I have been more cyclists then ever on the road. It’s one of the best ways to get around IF the infrastructure where you are allows it and you can commute to work. As a form of exercise and mental well being then it’s up there as a good one. No matter what bike you have, get it checked over, make sure it’s road safe and hop on!


Jugalbandi Marches On

The brain child idea from Saumya Agrawal continues to grow! catch up on all the chapters so far….and try your hand at writing one.

How has your month been? Have you been able to tick off something on your list?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

34 thoughts on “Month End – May accomplishments

  1. You’ve had a great month, Danny!
    And well done on completing those edits!
    Won’t be long before book baby is in your hands!!!

  2. What? May already ended? Congratulations on the accomplishments. Can’t wait to read your book. You are planning a kindle version by any chance?

    I echo your thought on Blogger Community. It’s very active and there are so any new ideas, new posts, styles, people. There is something for everyone. I am still lagging behind on Jugalbandi.

    My accomplishments:
    1. Completed first month in the new role.
    2. Completed five years in the current company (yay, Gratuity time!)
    3. Clocking over 100 hours of meetings.
    4. Clocking over 120 hours on my chair πŸ˜€
    5. Re-watching all the five parts of Pirates of the Caribbean with my daughter.

      1. Awesome. I prefer a kindle version but if it will take time, I will go for paperback.

        I like the first 3 parts as they feel like a trilogy. Next two are okayish. But my daughter had fun watching those. She found the fourth one hilarious compared to the others.

    1. Congrats for 1 and 2.
      3 and 4… were you counting those hours? I am counting the days of social distancing…can’t do that in hours πŸ˜€

  3. So is it time to become a beta reader? πŸ˜›
    I’m not yet done with the music challenge. I’ll be heating n posting a 5th song this Sunday πŸ˜‰
    And those pics, does it look like evening at 1.30 am in the night? :O
    I’m having a hard time now finding new people, was thinking of closing the story at chapter 9 but I didn’t get time..and found 2 more authors…one will be posting her chapter soon…I’ll finish it off if you don’t help me find more writer :D.. and yeah, thanks for the shoutout…hoping that somebody would read this and join in ^_^

      1. Yeah, Irut suggested that too… But I don’t know how many would be interested…

      2. I owe one too. Unfortunately, i cannot write one in twenty mins like I do for mist of my posts. Let me catch up on the series first.

      3. dona dona done…. then I’ll try writing this week…I haven’t added anything yet πŸ˜›

      4. managed to find it on my own after scrolling through posts on your personal blog πŸ˜€

  4. Well done on the edits and cycling challenge. If you ever get the chance, my husband has participated in the Dunwich Dynamo event a couple of times. It’s 100 miles over night. Starts in London and ends in Dunwich (Suffolk).

  5. It won’t run this year. It’s actually not professionally run. It started with a small group of people and has grown up to around 2,500 now. There is a Facebook page.

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