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#Friday 14.0: Lakes! Where Have I Been All This Time?

Each week I will (try and) share a small segment of something useful I learnt. While this is for my own amusement I hope it resonates with my lovely readers.

Another place to contemplate

                  Like many other people, as we emerge from lockdown we have been left with the thought of exploring more around where we may live. There is a strong chance the numbers of those taking holidays abroad will drop drastically.  As an interim we may spend more of our time and money either sampling local secrets or taking time out elsewhere in the country. 
                 Over the past two months I have been mapping out new places to visit and take my family when it’s safe to do so.  Last month I discovered a place while out cycling, so stopped over to have a nose.  At the time it was still shut but having opened a few weeks back, we’ve made our 3rd visit already, and I found it a perfect spot for lots of things. 

                   Leybourne Lakes is situated in Kent (UK) and a 20 minute drive from where I live. The park offers visitors an extensive walking and cycling trail, and best of all has several lakes where you can sit near and enjoy a bite to eat. Dotted around the park are benches which offer ideal opportunity for peaceful reading or some creative space for the next post. As soon as the weather warms up again I’ll be there on two wheels with a book and sandwich in my bag.  
                   Have you managed to discover a new place in this restricted time? 

Some pictures I took during my last visit. 


Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

13 thoughts on “#Friday 14.0: Lakes! Where Have I Been All This Time?

  1. That looks very pretty. I must admit when I think of Kent, grey enters my mind. Even though it’s the ‘Garden of England’ I think I associate it closely with the Dartford Crossing 😂. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I visit Kent properly.

      1. I used to live in Essex and that had some beautiful areas but it’s reputation is largely centred on the less desirable parts.

    1. The dreaded Dartford Crossing. Yes but that high up you’re almost touching the sky. Those that live in Dartford would like to think their most Londeners then Kentish. Let them have their title. Not sure how far you are from Kent, but worth trip, the town of West Malling is very elegant…

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