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#Friday 15.0: Editor recommendation needed

Each week I will (try and) share a small segment of something useful I learnt. While this is for my own amusement I hope it resonates with my lovely readers.

I’ve been following the standard model

                  Today’s what have I learnt post is more a reach out to the blogging community on Editor recommendations. For those who have been following me, you will know that in 2015 I started working on my novel. As of May 2020, and after copious amounts of wonderful, helpful feedback I have taken the book as far as I can. If I follow a standard model for manuscript development, then it looks something like this: 


  • Editorial Assessment. I’ve had quite a bit of in-depth feedback on structure of the novel from my readers. Being in agreement with the consistent view I made the necessary changes. Step completed
  • Development Editing. Analysis of structure and content. Once again I am confident in my style and content from the array of feedback. Step completed
  • Copy Editing. Work through manuscript word for word, grammar and punctuation. While I have done this so many times, not seeking professional help would like signing off my own homework! Fatal error. Incomplete
  • Proofreading. That final check before it either lands into the lap of a publishing house or off to the printers/digital press. Incomplete

Can anyone recommend an Editor?

My chosen genre is Travel Writing so if they have experience in that field then bonus, but not essential.

Post Editing and Launch?

Once I am comfortable with a “final final” version of my manuscript, then I will attempt the traditional publishing route. Got to try your luck! In the meantime my proposed launch date is this October and I will be working on a completely new website to promote and support the book launch.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


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19 thoughts on “#Friday 15.0: Editor recommendation needed

  1. My biggest bit of advice here, Danny. If you want to pursue Traditional, then beware that the copy editing and proof reading can be very costly.
    If you have a polished enough script, now is the time to look for your agent. So they can present your book to publishers.
    Because, if accepted, the publisher will do edits and proof/copy edits too, without you having to pay.
    Good luck. I’m excited for you!

    1. Sound advice Ritu. Yes I realised the copy edit and proof is quite an expensive route.

      Would you recommend an agent if you decide on self publishing? Or some sort of professional editing?

      1. If self-publishing, you don’t need an agent because you are doing it yourself, so an agent would be redundant.
        Most traditional publishers will not take unsolicited scripts, only agent submitted ones, specially the bigger ones.
        Some small presses may tale submissions directly, but you have to be careful to see if they are small traditional publishers, or what are labelled vanity publishers.
        A traditional press will not expect the author to pay money to them. They are taking on your book, the editing, cover, marketing etc. They may offer an advance but for a debut, it will be small, as they will take the money they spend on your book first, then the agent takes a cut too.
        So, if a ‘publisher’ asks you to pay money, beware. They are not traditional, and you will be expected to do most of the legwork marketing-wise too, as well as forming out for the pleasure, all for a little stamp in your book saying they published it.
        You need to think about creative control too.
        And as Indie, you will gain more back financially as you aren’t giving cuts to others.

      2. You are most welcome, Danny.
        I’ve been learning about this stuff, so much. It would be rude not to share!!!

      3. If you’re self publishing then yes, a good editor is a must.
        We, for a the good in the world, can’t always see things the way a reader would, because we are too close to our story.
        And the copy/ proof… You can get other readers to point things out, spelling or grammatical wise, but there are always little things that slip the net. So, unless you have brilliant beta readers, you need at least a copy or proof edit!

  2. Wish I could offer advice but none to give. I’m sure you’ll work it all out and well done for getting this far!

  3. Good luck with finding an editor- unfortunately I don’t know any at the moment. I look forward to reading your book when you’re done.

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