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I always had a passion for writing and has good practice kept a notepad with me wherever I went.  But all those thoughts and observations remained closed in my notepad.  Then in December 2010 a family wedding triggered a piece of writing which I wanted to share with more then just myself.  Thus this blog was born to fuel my love for writing.  Why potatosandwich I hear you say! It’s an amalgamation of two surnames.

In 2015 I started work on my first novel, it’s 2020 and I hope to release it this year!

I am also part of a blogging community which has some very insightful and talented writers of their own craft.  Talent for me is when you write from the heart the each of them certainly does.  Feel free to join our band of bloggers.

Always wanted to write this:

“Apinder lives with his wife and two son’s in rural Kent where he enjoys cycle rides down country lanes and writing on those rainy days”