2020 – Development of my Book


In 2015 a friend of mine told me he was travelling from Gravesend (UK) to Amritsar (India) by road, in a jeep.  A few days later, in a passing conversation two of my uncles informed me they had done a similar journey in 1967, from Slough (UK) to India in a Morris Austin Cambridge Estate.  It took them across 9 countries and over 21 days to complete, and before embarking on this road trip they had never driven out of London.

In December 2015 I started  interviewing them both just for research purposes, to capture some of those memories and experiences.  Then over a cup of tea I mentioned what a good idea it would be to make this into a book, their comment was would anyone be interested in reading it?  From that moment I was motivated to share their story with the world.

So since 2016 I have been on a journey of writing their story and with the turn of 2017 I am on track to share it with you!

Join this site to be part of something very special and I will keep you updated on the progress of my first book and reveal snippets of my interviews with the two gentlemen in question, the Chhatwal brothers.

An Austin, Two Singhs and The Road