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When words become voice – beyond blogging

At the end of last month I wrote a post on our blogging community about arranging a call with fellow bloggers. This was followed by a post last week on specific details about the call itself. Having been around the blogging arena for some time I hadn’t envisaged ever doing this. But an idea from another blogger triggered me into trying this myself.

Sunday arrived

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11 Questions (June) for me to answer

Fellow blogger Jirah Merizz placed 11 questions on my dinner plate. While this is a non award blog, I always like trying my hand at answering questions. So here goes.

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Inviting you to a call

A couple of days ago I wrote a post on our blogging community about moving beyond the words on a screen.
So now I’ll be setting up a series of dates and times for a call and you’re invited to join in if you like; here are the specifics for the first one.
Note: I will try and use a host of communication tools

Date & Time?

Sunday 7th June
4pm UK Time

What tool are we using?

It’s free to download

Voice or Video?

For those familiar with Zoom you’ll know if offers both voice and video. For our call this weekend, I’m opting for Voice and we can see where it takes us from there.

How do I join?

If you are interested then drop me a message via my contact page and I will share the details. No worries if you can’t.

What’s the topic?

You. Us. Anything. Community. + a virtual cup of tea! See you there

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I tripped on the ‘Copy Post’ option in WordPress

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Note: Thanks to fellow writer Saumya for spotting the error on my last post to trigger this one. 

Amongst my ad-hoc postings, I have also managed to keep a weekly one going (12 weeks on) called What Have I Learnt This Week

As a Thursday evening loomed, I would take out the scrap paper where I’d jotted a few things down and log-in to WordPress to start typing.  But, I’d do this first:

Copy Post
Time saving exercise!

So last Thursday I proceeded with a Copy Post action and went about my business to write up Friday 12.0. For some very strange reason WordPress had decided not to retain the following option

Comments Tick
“Hai Meh Mar Javaa” (Ah, May I Die)

So to my shock horror no opportunity for my lovely readers to put a comment, should they have wished to.  Error fixed now! 

Moral of the post: If you use the Copy Post option don’t trust your life on WordPress retaining the settings all the time. Do the due diligence, unlike silly me!





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Lost and Found – a Forgotten Blog

A Semi-Intro

When I was growing up there was a TV programme in the UK, in the 80’s, about finding long lost relatives (I didn’t watch the recent series hosted by Davina). A member of the public, who would have written in to come on the show, would re-tell a sad story of how they got separated from a family member.  As the viewer you knew what was coming, my eyes would always begin to well up.  Then the screen would part, with the long lost family member walking through.  Tears flowed all round – happy ending.

And so the link to this post?

Last week I embarked on a mission to clean up my categories for this blog.  Meticulously, I clicked each category and assessed each post, making any necessary changes.  500 clicks later my eyes welled up Continue reading “Lost and Found – a Forgotten Blog”