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The Wolf’s First Howl

The Wolf has,
made his first howl.
His presence shocked me not,
Watch and wait I will.
Patience, belief and reason,
These are my shields.
Oh Wolf, I hear you howl

This is an old piece which I wrote over 25 years ago. I was attending a university conference where students across the UK came together to talk about their faith experiences. Share stories, engage in Q&A sessions. The subject of hair came up. A student stood up and asked panel, how do we stop the big bad wolf ? He was referring to Sikhs who kept uncut hair. The symbol of hair (Kesh in Panjabi) forms part of one of the 5ks in Sikhism. For this student the wolf is temptation, influence. I remember coming away and writing this the next day. For anyone who wants to practice their faith fully, across any religion, we have to deal with the wolf every day. The power rests in the individuals hands whether they let the wolf through the door.

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Vaisakhi: Stay home, stay safe

On this day, 13th April, millions of Sikhs across the globe like myself, will celebrate Vaisakhi. This day marks a very special event in the calendar of so many of us.

What is Vaisakhi

The Sikh faith was started by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the 16th century. Based on simple principles, he preached the message One God. After leaving his body for heavenly abode, nine Guru’s succeeded thereafter, each shaping the very core of Sikhism to what it is today. The 10th and final human form Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji created the Khalsa on 13th April 1699 through an initiation ceremony. If you’ve met a Sikh before you may have noticed a Turban and unshaved hair. These are just two of the five symbols that were gifted to the faithful. This era was besot with war and oppression, and so the vision behind this historic event was to create a mindset amongst Sikhs of Saint and Soldier. Guru Gobind Singh ji insisted that a Sikh must be able to remain calm, negotiate and show diplomacy in all strands of life. However a Sikh must also be ready to defend themselves and those being oppressed, regardless of race and background. And so we celebrate this turning point in our faith each year. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a great visionary, a poet, skilled in art of war and tactics and ahead of his time.

A procession

Normal practice proceeds that the weekend that follows 13th April, communities across the world partake in a street procession. I live in Kent (UK) and have been attending the procession since I was a kid. It’s grown in numbers, last year around 5000 people attended, maybe more. It is also well attended by other non Sikh communities.

Procession starting from my local Sikh Temple (image:
Procession moving through our local town centre (image: Kent Online)

Stay home for now

For the first time in our local history, and probably elsewhere, there will be no street procession. But in the safety of everyone this is the right thing to do. While we will all remain in our homes, technology will play a huge role. Anyone wishing to be part of the event will be able to view live streaming from our local temple, and will also include Vaisakhi messages from all. The key thing is to keep everyone involved and be safe.

Wishing everyone a Happy Vaisakhi!

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An Inspiring Individual – Vaisakhi Thoughts

Never has this world ever before,

Witnessed such an Inspiring figure,

He showed equality,

Placing both hands on pots of significance,

Tender an age he was, but answered his Father’s statement,

Knowing it led to certain death,

Such was He a visionary,

He energised an entire race,

In one instant action of determination,

He diminished all chains of caste,

But humble was his very nature,

As he knelt down to Khalsa, Amrit to partake,

A transformation he led of numbers very small,

Having achieved an impact of most significance,

He sacrificed his Four Sons, stating he had many more,

Whatever is said, is not enough!

Just not enough, a debt we can never repay!

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Happy Birthday Guru Nanak Dev Ji – The Social Reformer

Today, Sikhs around the world will be celebrating the Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism.

The internet is consumed with articles about Guru Nanak Dev Ji so feel free to explore, but for my small community of readers, this is a very short insight into the life of a person who was a teacher and a man of God. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Guru Nanak Dev Ji – The Social Reformer”