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My Bright Outlook Photo

The time on my laptop signalled 5pm and I contemplated whether to go cycling. While the sun had disappeared the weather remained mild.

Don’t dwell

I didn’t dwell on the decision and quickly got changed before the risk of putting it off. Water bottles filled I grabbed my bike and cycled to my local riding track. For me it was important to get out today, too much on the media about you know what!

The sky showed the path

The cycling track I go to is around 1.5miles all the way around. 30mins into my ride the light began to fade, but not before I saw this while riding up a gradual hill.

Light at the end of a long road

As the sky opened up to welcome back the sun I felt a sense of renewed hope. We are consuming too much news and its scaring people. Let’s be sensible, kind and thoughtful. Enjoy mother nature and all its wonderful creation. This new cold will melt against the heat of defiance.

…and for my time


Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay happy!

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What Not To Say To Those With Mental Health Issues

Hi All. Featuring an article by our community writer Nikki on the subject of Mental Health. There is so much written about this subject, with increasing (and rightfully so) coverage and awareness around the world. A personal post which will provide a deep insight and which has raised a lot of awareness for myself. Thanks for sharing Nikki.

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There are many ways to be empathetic and compassionate to someone who is experiencing problems with their mental health. There are just as many ways to unknowingly belittle someone and make them feel even worse about themselves. So let’s run through some of the well meaning common things people say to the mentally ill thinking it will help them when the opposite is true.

If someone is in a bad mood or quick to become angry or irate…
Don’t ask, “Are you off your medication?” or “Did you forget to take your happy pill today?”

If someone is struggling, tearful, and feeling beaten down…
Don’t give them lame platitudes like, “You have to pull yourself out of it,” “You gotta pull yourself up by the boot straps”, “You have so many things to be happy about and thankful for, snap out of it.” You might as well punch us in…

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Crisps Rehab – Day 5

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed days 1 -4, I didn’t want to tempt fate by writing so early in case I turned back to the dark side.  Six days ago, after munching through a packet of hand cooked crisps, I looked down at my ever-expanding belly and thought, can I cut this snack out and start a road to recovery?  What is that road to recovery you ask?  To completely change my diet but eradicating snacks of all kind by the age of 40, I have five years left.  So my first victim, the crisp packet. Continue reading “Crisps Rehab – Day 5”