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Why the 80’s was so great for me – my nostalgia

Over the past few months I’ve been interacting with lots of lovely bloggers. Some of them are much younger then me so if I ever talk about those days it can sometimes cause a blur. So I thought, why not share an insight into that golden period for myself? If you are from the UK, you may resonate with some of these yourself.

Why was the 80s so great?

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The Interrogators

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Some family friends have invited us to their daughter’s wedding.  It’s a big affair. Swanky hotel, outskirts of London. My style for the occasion is a three-piece suit. Light brown with stripes, like an ash coloured worktop. A silk maroon tie sits neatly behind the waistcoat.  

On arrival we are requested to take a family picture. The photographer’s first duty it seems is to capture who has attended. I put my best side on, it’s not the digital camera age yet.  

This is a new era of weddings. We don’t all need to rush to the banqueting suite straight away. Instead we are welcomed with canapes on the roof terrace right next to the swimming pool.  Continue reading “The Interrogators”

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11 Questions

Fellow blogger Aanchal Gounder kindly tagged me in for a sunshine blogger award. Thanks Aanchal. Check out her blog, thought provoking words. But I’m going to partially disappoint Aanchal. The good news is I will answer the questions. Bad news is I won’t follow through tagging others and posing my own set of questions. However dear readers feel free to answer the questions below and you may want to share with others.

  • Do you have any other creative outlets besides writing? I perform and host standup comedy with a friend. Our brand is called ‘The Chucklesinghs’
  • What makes you smile? My family
  • What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? Buy a stranger a warm brew and tell them they are doing a great job
  • What is the story behind the name of your blog? (1) My wife’s maiden name ‘ahluwalia’ but also sounds like ‘aloo’, indian for Potato. (2) My surname ‘sahni’ but English folk at school used to call me Sandwich, like a Sarni.
  • What are some small things that make your day better? That I’ve been able to take time to sit with my wife and kids and listen to how their day went. Washes away my own ego and that it’s not always about me.
  • What in life is beautiful to you? That my mum may feel life has somewhat compensated her for her loss with the love she gets from all her grandchildren.
  • What’s something that no one else knows about you? That will remain a secret
  • What is the one food you refuse to eat? Marmite. (Yuk)
  • What do you love most about yourself? Calm. Measured. “Every day is a bonus” attitude.
  • If you could switch places with one person for a day, who would it be and why? Neil Armstrong and that walk on the moon with the view of planet Earth on the horizon. Gods handy work a little closer up..
  • Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Definitely. I wouldn’t say that means the type of shirt we put on or whether I put jam on my toast or not. But I’ve experienced first hand moments where the reasons only revealed themselves later, as my mind began to understand them.
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What Is Life To You [by a 11yr old]

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I recently joined a blogging community where you get the opportunity to contribute and read some interesting posts. One of the posts written in the #chatroom by fellow blogger Saumya Agrawal titled what is life to you.
Yesterday my 11 year old son came to me and said he’d finished all his homework and was looking for something to do. I pondered for a moment then said to him, write me in more then 99 words something on the title “what is life to me”. While my better half thought this was a bit heavy for a Monday evening, I said let’s see what he comes up with. So by way of #guestpost please enjoy his response.

Life can be described in many words – busy, incredible, dangerous, horrible and misleading. Life to me is love, happiness and hard-work. To have love in your life is very important as it gives you memories in your life. Where you can smile and laugh, have a good time. It brings happiness – a topic that I will expand on later. Another aspect is life is hard work, if you work hard all your life happiness will come your way; having a perfect job. Happiness links to the other two aspects and is an ultimate goal in life.

Our purpose is not to strive for the perfect answer or a response we feel is suitable for the wider audience. But to ensure we engage our next generation in thought so they can start making up their own minds. For them to become critical thinkers so that they can challenge the array of information sources that cloud our judgement today.


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a Harvest, a Birthday, a Funeral

The title of today’s post sums up this week for me!

a Harvest

Monday 13th January marked the Lohri event in the Sikh calendar. There are numerous definitions and opinions for Lohri on the internet, I’ll share two with you; (1) marks the harvest in Panjab (India), the end of winter and start of the farming season; (2) due to popular belief (not one I believe in) couples who have had a baby boy before this date would celebrate this event. Rather sexist I hear you say and I couldn’t agree more.

We had a little angel arrive in our family 4 weeks ago (my cute nephew) so we celebrated this occasion. Not because he is a boy but because it was a chance to see my mum, siblings and the little one. We also consumed large amounts of Indian sweetmeats, flavoured milkshakes and a 3-course meal served up by my mum.

a Birthday

Wednesday 15th January marked my 44th birthday (yes I have no shame in admitting that)! Over the last few years I’d treated my birthday’s as low key events but recently I fell back in love with celebrations.

As it’s January the kids are normally at school and so like every year my wife and I book the day off and she spoils me. This year we dropped the kids off school and took the train into London. Once there we dined at a lovely restaurant called Clos Maggiore. If you live in London, then please try this, if you ever visit London, then you must try this! It’s French fine dining and not only was the food exquisite, but we managed to steal 4 hours to ourselves. We made it back in time to pick up the kids from school and then took them out for an evening treat.

Family, the best present I could ever wish for! But I also got a new notebook, a very special edition, will share in a dedicated #notebookgeek post.

a Funeral

Thursday 16th January marked a dark day in the calendar. I attended a funeral of a friend who I met (through my best friend) and who was instrumental in my hobby as a stand up comedian. Over 4 years ago this person had arranged a comedy night for charity and challenged us to perform on stage. My best friend and I took up the challenge, absolutely enjoyed ourselves and years later had organised and performed in over 10 sell out shows across the UK (more on that in February).

His death was a sudden shock, out of the blue and he had lived a short life of 49 years. Leaving behind a wife and two young children, I know too well from personal experience the struggles and challenges that will come their way. One thing dawned on me as I heard the tributes pour in for this most remarkable person. The phrase untimely struck a cord with me as I heard it bellow through the chapel speakers. No death is untimely I guess. We all know too well that at some point, unknown to us our time is going to be up. That our pass of life is going to expire and we are going to have to board another vessel to continue the next leg of our journey (depending on what you believe). Therefore we must make the most of today and not plan too much for tomorrow.

As my mum always says what you plan to do tomorrow, do today and what you plan to do today do now!

Friday 17th January – I won’t plan anything but only to catch up on emails and quietly look forward to the weekend. If I am fortunate, I might even squeeze in some more writing.