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My Series on LIFE – Notion behind my inception

Early January I wrote a post titled My Series on LIFE, I was asking two simple questions, Why Am I Here? | What is my purpose in life?  The post kick started some interesting responses, many Thanks all.

So, next part in the My Series on LIFE.

So what was the notion behind my inception?  I want to go right back to the beginning.  We all know the process of how we come to be, however that human notion that leads to the birth process being kicked off is so different for everyone.  So what was my parent’s notion?  They wanted to start a family so they planned me?  Did they not have a notion at all and I was just an unplanned activity?  Did I come to be because of a horrific incident, a Bastard?  What I am trying to say is that due to some thought process, the decision was taken for my inception. Someone somewhere decided I had a right to be part of the evolutionary process, to be that single sperm that outwits all the others and reaches my destination, to begin a journey that would last some nine months.

So due to some fortunate or unfortunate incident, I took the first step towards what would be the human form.  I ask myself, was it science, or was it a force much higher than our understanding?  Why do I say this?  I know many a couples who spend their entire lives trying but their notion never turns into something they can hold.

Next post, titled “Can I survive the early journey?” coming soon.

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My series on LIFE

As far back as I can cast my mind, I have always pondered the question Why Am I Here? | What is my purpose in life?  It’s probably one of the most popular questions, on which people have written books and directors made films around the world.

Do I need to ask this question when I am at that point, starring the grim reaper in the face while I ponder on my life like a rolling movie?  At which point I say to myself, “Ahh, now I understand”. 

There is a common misconception that only those insane or deeply depressed ponder such questions, however not quite so, you could be someone riding the joys of life (like me) yet still questioning the mere existence.

This post is an intro into some articles I intend to write, maybe to get a wider perspective from my readers.  I am no philosopher nor do I profess to have read reams of books written by the experts, whether they are of a scientific or religious nature, however I have some simple questions that I would like to address.

My follow-on post, titled “Notion behind my inception” should hopefully set the scene, coming soon.

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The Theory of Responsibility

Just like Albert Einstein, while sitting in an office realised that Newton’s law of gravity was somewhat incorrect, I kind of stumbled across the same notion about The Theory of Responsibility.

Before I embark on what The Theory of Responsibility is, here’s the definition around the term “responsibility”.

On a social aspect:

1. The state, quality, or fact of being responsible.

2. Something for which one is responsible; a duty, obligation, or burden.

On a business aspect:

A duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task (assigned by someone, or created by one’s own promise or circumstances) that one must fulfil, and which has a consequent penalty for failure.

OK, so it’s safe to assume that responsibility is something to do with the fulfilment of something either given to you, or something you have taken on, to a certain point.

So, what’s my theory you ask?

Where Theory of Responsibility is R

Where Creativity is C

So in words – More Responsibility = less creativity

Mathematicians across the globe will probably throw their hands up in laughter at my feeble attempt to encapsulate my theory as a sum, but the (-) signifies creativity decreasing as responsibility increases.

There’s a famous saying, the more responsibility you have the better a person you are.  OK, so in terms of being a more experienced human being, this may well be the case.  However, the way I view this, the more responsibility you have the less creative you become.


Where is Creativity born out of?  To be creative you need to be imaginative! To be imaginative you need to have the freedom to think! To have the freedom to think, you need to have less on your mind for that space to exist.

Today, we are shaping the next generation of children to be more responsible much sooner than what we were, however, the danger is that we may end up taking away their ability to be creative because they simply don’t have the freedom to think in this way.  I am not saying we educate the next generation to be any less responsible but that we tread carefully not to harm their ability to be creative.  Let’s delay the point at which they need to be pushed out to the big bad world to fend for themselves, let them stride across countryside, take adventurous walks, spend hours looking for motivation and a reason to be creative.

If we fill their minds with things they have to do, when will they get the time to do the things they want to do?

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Why Hugging is so important

If I stood here and stated that today, we are not as affectionate as our parents and their generation were; would I be wrong?  Would I be talking out-of-place?

This post was sparked from a debating programme I watched last night with one of the debating points being hugging.  Apparently I was not aware that there is a National Hugging Day, check out the link.  It’s great that we have these kind of events, but in a sense it is also exceptionally sad.  Why?  Well look at it this way:

Why do we have National events such as National Letter Writing Day and No Smoking Day?  It is to encourage us to do something on that particular day.  So isn’t it sad that we need a day that encourages us to hug each other?

Interestingly enough, there is also some science around how long the common hug lasts, which this publication claims is 3 seconds.

For me, hugging is very important and I never shy away from a tight cuddle, an affectionate cuddle.  Each and every day I make sure I get my hugs in, before I leave for work and when I come home.  I can tell you it makes the world of good with family and friends.

I recently read a Freshly Pressed post on WordPress which I can’t recall, that spoke of the authors reluctance to hug family and friends, the affection there was rather cold.  But I guess it’s each to their own.

So tell me, when’s the last time you gave someone a true affectionate hug?

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I am this Old! What have I achieved so far? (I)

On our way back from training my son and I stopped at the traffic lights. 

“Papa, is that not the house that belonged to your old Science teacher?”

“Yes son, he was a good teacher”

“Is he still in hospital, how old is he?”

“Yes he is still in hospital, doing well, around 70 I think”.

“That’s old!”

“No it’s not”.

My Science teacher is more than double my age and retired, although a little unwell, he is coming along very nicely in life.  However, it got me thinking that, I am now at the half-way stage until retirement (I will work 70 I think) so what have I achieved so far and what is in store for me down the line?

So while sipping on a cup of coffee that lunchtime, I started categorising my life so far:

[Note: I am 35, not ashamed of that number, may look slightly older as the “grey hair community” have began their invasion on the “black hair community” > no racial overtones please].

Here’s a sneak preview, years 0 – 5, the rest this week, it’s too much reading in one sitting.

Years 0 – 5: After 9 long months floating around in the mother capsule, being protected from the fires around me, I got the call from the outside world that I was required for a mission still unknown to me. 

Apart from getting up to no good, always getting into trouble, I don’t remember much.  Maybe some time spent at a play scheme, I can vividly recall making some friends, who by the way I still keep in touch with. 

Apparently I got lost in India while on a visit to a Holy Shrine, for approximately 10 minutes.  Though my parents had given up all hope of finding me (they were hundreds of people around), two very nice chaps (who spotted me with my parents earlier) found me and handed me back.  It’s a massive sticking point in my mind, I could have been somewhere else today, adopted by someone, it puts everything into perspective when I look at where I am now.

Most Memorable Achievement > Visiting the Holy City of Amritsar and partaking in the Sikh tradition of having my hair combed.