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Film Review – Departures [World Cinema]

If I discount Bollywood as World Cinema for now, then I would have to go back as far as some of the Hal Hartley movies, when I last saw something of a similar genre.

While scanning earlier this week I came across this movie, Departures.  It’s a Japanese movie and when I read the synopsis, it sounded very interesting.  In a nutshell, the movie centres around a failed musician who moves back to his home town and by fate ends up working in a funeral parlour.  The movie shows us how the main character, Daigo Kobayashi, played by Masahiro Motoki, comes to terms with his new responsibilities and how those around him adjust to his job.

There are three things that struck me about this movie:

  1. The very calm essence played throughout this movie, it’s very subtle, delicate, some of the characters have an almost soft as tissue personality; it kind of draws you in.
  2. It shows you the Japanese culture in respect of dressing the dead for their funeral, the precise accuracy merged with sublime delicacy, as not to upset the family members by moving too rashly.
  3. The movie shows how mourning family members sit still, motionless while the funeral professionals  are dressing the deceased, which includes applying full facial make-up.  When the family finally see the end result, the still emotion breaks free and the mourners cannot contain themselves.  Such is the creative work of the professionals that the body seems no longer dead, but someone alive who just won’t wake up or respond.  There is a scene in the movie where a grieving husband turns to the funeral professionals and says, “this is the best I have seen her look”

I have included a trailer from the movie, if it tickles your fancy, please get it, I would recommend it.

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What Bollywood needs is another Spaghetti Western

Here’s a typical line from Bollywood film directors: this film has a bit of romance, some fighting, boy meets girl and they fall in love, you see, something quite unique.

Well in the last so many years, on the whole, there hasn’t been too much in the way of uniqueness.  Bollywood just doesn’t seem bold and brave enough to change the angle a little.  When was the last a Spaghetti Western Bollywood movie hit our screens?  Are audiences no longer interested in a different genre of movie, just actors and actresses revealing almost all while neglecting their acting skills?  I think it’s time for a shake-up and Bollywood directors need to look back at those classic horse-riding and gun slinging movies that wowed audiences up and down the world.Let me take this opportunity to mention three of my favourite Bollywood Spaghetti Westerns. Continue reading “What Bollywood needs is another Spaghetti Western”

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I don’t normally do Bollywood Song Posts…but..

Okay, tis the season this week to present our fellow bloggers with tunes from the past it seems.  Blogger friends It’s My Thoughts and The British Asian Blog posted some nice tunes respectively, check it out on their sites.

So, why not join in the fun.  Here’s my choice, well two actually from the movie Guzaarish, featuring

Hrithink Roshan & Aishwarya Rai

It’s my movie of the year and possibly has sneaked itself in my top 10. All the elements of this movie are just so right, I was glued to the screen and haven’t been like that for quite a while.  It’s a Blu-ray purchase without a doubt.

So, please enjoy my choices.

Chaand Ki Katori Hai