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“Ego” – Explosive Gloating Overdose


“Sometimes an inflation occurs to my sleeping ego, knocks me for six, and afterwards I’m back to . So I remember that story mum used to tell me”.

In the Sikh faith, Langar is a free kitchen often found in Gurdwara’s, Sikh places of worship. Over the last few years, stalls have been set up globally serving food to those who need it. Most notably during this pandemic. Anyone, from any walk of life, race, colour, creed can visit the Gurdwara and partake in Langar. The serving of Langar to the congregation can be conducted by anyone wishing to partake in this selfless service (Sevadar).

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The Interrogators

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Some family friends have invited us to their daughter’s wedding.  It’s a big affair. Swanky hotel, outskirts of London. My style for the occasion is a three-piece suit. Light brown with stripes, like an ash coloured worktop. A silk maroon tie sits neatly behind the waistcoat.  

On arrival we are requested to take a family picture. The photographer’s first duty it seems is to capture who has attended. I put my best side on, it’s not the digital camera age yet.  

This is a new era of weddings. We don’t all need to rush to the banqueting suite straight away. Instead we are welcomed with canapes on the roof terrace right next to the swimming pool.  Continue reading “The Interrogators”

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A Nearly End: The Conversation

When all is said and done, no stone left unturned, the three of them lean back on the wooden chairs in the coffee house.  Glancing everywhere but at each other, the mood is very sombre.  Some tears, some disappointment, something lost forever, something worth saving, something forgotten, something worth remembering, something shattered, something worth repairing, something best buried. They depart one by one, hoping never to see each again….

A snippet from a new short story I am writing, more to come.  The Conversation.

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One Day, you will have to come

[22:53 on a Monday evening and the above quote popped into my head and stimulated a strange story]

Dialog 1.

“Well Thanks for looking after me while I was in India Nitin.  You know when you come here with family, we will show you guys a great time”

“Sure, we will come, once your recession is over in the UK.  You know my work is very vital here, I just can’t pull away.  I just about got 3 days leave to see you when you came over to India”

“Don’t worry about no recession and don’t work too hard. You know, one day, you will have to come, I tell you that”.

Dialog 2.

“Afternoon Naveen, how are things in Delhi?  I spoke to your elder brother Nitin yesterday, we were discussing plans about him visiting us in the UK”

“Nitin will never come Vikram. Firstly he works around the clock and all the money he earns not only runs his household, but he also assists a failure like me.  He pays for my kids education, makes sure we have clothes and bills are paid on time.  He will never come while he has useless family members like me hanging around”.

“Don’t be hard on yourself Naveen, all will be OK, you just keep trying to find work and get yourself back on your feet ok”.

Dialog 3.

“Nitin darling, see who is ringing at this hour, so late baba….What’s that noise, Nitin, Nitin, what’s wrong, you are crying”.

“Bad news from the UK, Vikram passed away!”

Dialog 4.

[Door bell rings, Nitin’s house]

“Yes, can I help you”.

“Sorry to bother you Sir following the sad news yesterday.  I am, was, a good friend of Vikram’s. This envelope is for you, from Vikram…Thank You….Bye Sir”

[Opens the envelope to find a letter and two tickets]

“My dear brother Nitin, by the time you get this, I will have been no more.  You know I told you to come over and see me, you should have listened.  I said. One day, you will have to come.  So here’s that day.  These tickets will get you to the UK in two days time and there will be someone there to collect you both.  Come see me off dear brother, come see me off”.


This evening I recalled a conversation with a very dear friend, strange these thoughts, turned into a story.

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My Pics with Crazy Thoughts – The Sword Collector

Day 5 of my pics with associated crazy stories……..

“Do you like it?”. 

It’s a small but rare collection.  Can you believe I used to be so scared of sharp objects.  I never even cut vegetables before but that all changed soon.  It happened just over two years ago. 

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