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Smart Phones – They Will Destroy Us!

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I was travelling to London this week and noticed a large percentage of people walking around with their heads down.  At first I thought maybe London had been struck down by some neck virus and that people were unable to lift their heads up, even to talk.  Then, to my utter dismay, I realised that they were peering into their smart phones, silly me!

I was always taught to make eye contact when talking to someone, ever tried making a conversation with a person while he is playing a game?  My response would be two words, not suited for a Friday.

We have a new threat!

World Domination in Progress
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Our very own “KITT” in UK cars, family trip punch ups!

As I was working my way through the Sunday Times last week, I read an article about Ford now looking to introduce a version of KITT in its cars for the UK (I understand this is already present in the US).

Oh what a laugh this is going to be….. Continue reading “Our very own “KITT” in UK cars, family trip punch ups!”

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Will Libraries Survive the Electronic Age?

A while back I was confessing to my wife that upon reaching retirement, when I embark on a life of “light” working (being careful not to undermine anyone’s job description), I would like to work as a librarian.  Then a thought crossed my mind, will traditional libraries still be around in 30 years time? Continue reading “Will Libraries Survive the Electronic Age?”