Project 2012 – Developing My Novel

Here’s my novel so far – four chapters, I am not going to mention anything about how many words because it’s making me Dizzy.

Section Last Updated: 04 – 11 – 11

Name of Novel: We Drifted, Then Came Together

Short Synopsis: This story is about a family just like any other, the eldest brother always acting as the negotiator between everyone.  But then one day a tragic incident changes everything and forces the family to question their relationships with each other and what went wrong.

Can they repair the damage quick enough to take on the responsibility that now faces them?

Chapter 4- Raul

You’ve got to be able to deal with whatever life throws at you, that’s important.  What makes a person is how they deal with a situation, life goes on.  Family and friends are important to progressing forward and I am quite fortunate to have that; however family is all important, if you work together then you can combat any situation, ride any wave, jump through any obstacle.  Someone once asked me what the difference was between a friend who always thought the best for you and a family member who despised you.  When a friend is hurt, then you feel hurt, but when a family member is hurt, then you can’t sleep at night, that’s the difference.  I love my family and they love me.

I am Raul and something really bad is going to happen to me, I can feel it, but what can I do?

Chapter 3 – Seema

Being the girl of the family, I guess hand on heart I can say I was treated more special than my brother Veer.  During our dark period, Raul and I worked well to help mum get herself back to something one could call “normal” routine.  Veer was too young, a baby really so both Raul and myself applied the concentrated love and attention he needed.  If Raul was the commander of the Mother Ship, then I was his “wing man”.  He put a lot of trust in me and always commented “you certainly have a grown-up head on those shoulders”.  Those were challenging times, concentrating on school, helping out around the house, cooking up before mum came home from work.  Growing up, I never understood it when Raul would say “we must ensure the foundation is strong, the roots are firm as it will shape you well for the future”.  All big brother talk but I can see that now and it is something I am taking with me and implementing into my family life.  You can put an enormous amount of effort into being the glue of the family, but you can’t be everywhere all the time.  That’s the problem and that’s where you need this foundation thing to kick into touch and some blessings along the way.  That glue started wearing thin, poor Raul, but he’s persistent and will never give up.  Life’s a bastard though, throwing up all sorts contraptions, so what the fuck are we going to do?

Chapter 2 – Sareeta

They say your first-born is always the special one, no matter how many more you have after that.  Yes I love all my children, but there’s a special type of affection I have with my first-born.  You will wrap them in cotton wool and watch over them like a hawk all the time.  You will have so many dreams, so many aspirations but how was I to know how life would pan out, that such young shoulders would have to carry such responsibility.  When life throws water balloons at you, you need a good team around you to dry you down, hold you tight and tell you not to worry too much about it.  Following the tragedy in my life, I guess the consolation was that I had a good set of kids, my eldest, quickly adapted to the characteristics required of a young man who needed to step into fatherhood very quickly.  We all worked as a team, organised our lives, set out our priorities and ensured that we kept ourselves protected from the big bad wolf.  I would shout to the world to tell them that Raul’s been a great father figure to his two younger siblings, watched over them carefully while giving them both room to grow into responsible adults. “My role is to keep the family together”, he would say with such defiance.  How things change over time, you worry about all the outside influences but forget that each of us has our own lives, our own aspirations and that they take over and go against the very foundation that you were building.  What are we going to do now?

Chapter 1 –Veer

I was too young then, probably eight, I think, when my elder brother Raul walked into my bedroom crying his eyes out.   I was having a late afternoon nap but the noise downstairs woke me up that very instance my brother walked in.  He was shaking his head, I couldn’t understand but all I know is he gave me a tight cuddle, held me in his arms and it made me cry out of sheer fright.

I could feel his heart pounding; he picked me up and took me downstairs, my elder sister was there too, crying.  He picked her up too and we sat in the corner, quiet.  When I looked around at the crying faces, only then I realised that we had lost something very special.  I then looked up at my brother and there was a look of determination on his face, yet his shoulders suddenly felt heavy, burdened, he was accountable for three lives now.

It always dawned on me how hard it must have been for him, to walk those steps up to the bedroom, to be thinking in his head how to break the news, to try to predict what my reaction would be.  With every step his heart must have sunk further and further, his legs becoming heavy, like the lead in his shoes was gradually increasing.  He’s done the family proud, rode the fierce waves of life and protected us from the elements like a strong ship.  But what do we do now?


4 thoughts on “Project 2012 – Developing My Novel

  1. Hanji wow.

    Ok so is this supposed to be a short story? Presuming so.

    I loved chapter 1. Very emotional. Even got me welling up. Totally related to it due to the loss of my Dad and being the eldest.

    Then second and third are good. Building the picture. But second jumped big time from 1…so maybe some sticking together may help. But then again I like you am an amateur and just going with what feels right.

    Bloody good though and like the no fear of swearing and being real.

    Can I ask? Is this based loosely onyour own true story?

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