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Failsafe Option

The sheer Irony of it!

He created the universe, the planets,

Its solar systems and the stars,

He then took a fancy to a small blob.

It was just colour at the time,

And so he breathed life into it,

And named it Earth.

But the blob just sat there,

Not wanting to create a bond,

A connection with its Creator.

He then created people to inhabit it,

Made good and bad scenarios,

Let people decide what they wanted.

A chance for them to form that bond,

A connection with their Creator.

He advised them of good practice,

That they remember Him in their way,

That good deeds and honest thoughts,

Would steer them across rocky oceans,

Into the mindful, blissful rising sun,

Towards their beloved Creator.

But, the people didn’t listen,

Taking no notice, becoming ignorant,

They treated life like a candy shop,

‘A tick in here’ would keep Him content,

Their foolish thoughts tricked Him not,

So He played one more scenario.

! And So It Is!

That in the time of Death,

When we stand close to the cold corpse,

When we can feel ever so closely,

The resting arm of Death upon us,

When a shiver fires through our body,

It is at that precise moment,

That we want Him ever closer to us.

Wake up! We are paper thin.

Originally written in January this year and dedicated to a dear friend who lost his father in the New Year. Inspired by some words of a wise but young individual.