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My Series on LIFE – Can I Survive the Early Journey?

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Preamble  – I was asking two simple questions, Why Am I Here? | What is my purpose in life?

I was but a twinkle in my mother’s eye, a twinkle which now became a reality.  The process of birth had began, however, it would take some nine months, 3/4 of a year, for me to emerge.  If there was a reason, a force, which enabled this women to be on the cusp of motherhood, then something of equal proportion would need to keep me safe throughout this journey. 

I once heard someone describing a woman’s body to that of a ball of fire, and how a child growing inside her womb remains protected, safely tucked away, and that the child is emersed in the total thought of God, for this is the reason a child cries on entering the world because of that bond that is broken.  (Appreciate there is a scientific view on this and that not all children cry at the time of birth). 

Consider this, I, like yourself, have been exceptionally fortunate to make it through those nine months, to arrive at the doorstep of World, to those so many who never made it, drawing their last breath within the womb. My arrival would start a new leg of the journey, however my path is still unclear – but…..I guess I was meant to be here

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My Series on LIFE – Notion behind my inception

Early January I wrote a post titled My Series on LIFE, I was asking two simple questions, Why Am I Here? | What is my purpose in life?  The post kick started some interesting responses, many Thanks all.

So, next part in the My Series on LIFE.

So what was the notion behind my inception?  I want to go right back to the beginning.  We all know the process of how we come to be, however that human notion that leads to the birth process being kicked off is so different for everyone.  So what was my parent’s notion?  They wanted to start a family so they planned me?  Did they not have a notion at all and I was just an unplanned activity?  Did I come to be because of a horrific incident, a Bastard?  What I am trying to say is that due to some thought process, the decision was taken for my inception. Someone somewhere decided I had a right to be part of the evolutionary process, to be that single sperm that outwits all the others and reaches my destination, to begin a journey that would last some nine months.

So due to some fortunate or unfortunate incident, I took the first step towards what would be the human form.  I ask myself, was it science, or was it a force much higher than our understanding?  Why do I say this?  I know many a couples who spend their entire lives trying but their notion never turns into something they can hold.

Next post, titled “Can I survive the early journey?” coming soon.