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#Friday 13.0: My new therapeutic pass time

Each week I will (try and) share a small segment of something useful I learnt. While this is for my own amusement I hope it resonates with my lovely readers.

The journey thus far

                  There are certain household activities from which I get a very therapeutic kick out of.  But to name a few: (1) Hoovering: I’ve always loved hovering around the house. During my teenage years mum nominated me to take up that activity full time.  To this day adamant that it was my diligent approach to it, rather then being an easy target that won me this accolade. (2) Washing up: I only ever started using a dish washer after I got married some 19 years ago.  Before that time I’d happily help my parents with washing up, ensuring each dish was sparkling clean.  Today, while majority of the cutlery can be shoved in thy dishwasher, I still love scrubbing those pots and pans to make sure every inch of the area is spotless.  (3) Ironing: My therapeutic connection is not so strong anymore with this one. There was time when I would iron my clothes for the entire week on a Sunday evening, gliding across while listening to music. 
                    Earlier in the week my mum came around to see the kids, and being off work, also wanted to teach my wife how to make Samosas from scratch. All changed…… 

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#Foodie Wednesday – Chickpeas, Potatoes, Puri

(I’m glad to say still sticking with this regular post)

My mum always says you can only eat something if your name’s written on it. What does she mean by that? Growing up I remember countless occasions when mum would cook up a dinner, we’d get a knock on the front door and it’s one of her friends. She’d insist on them to stay for dinner, and afterwards mum would say that a particular portion was in the destiny of that person to consume.

The case of the ticking hobs

Last week my wife had decided on cooking a meal which consisted of masala chickpeas, gunpowder potatoes and Puri (fluffy chapatti which is fried). We love that combination at home so were looking forward to it. However the very morning our cooker started making a continuous ticking noise. It happened a few years back and that meant a deep clean of the gas hobs. (Note: we clean down our cooker every other day so don’t want you thinking otherwise 😋). No matter how much we cleaned the ticking noise continued, albeit intermittent. So we persisted throughout the day and this meant the planned meal left on hold and us seeking a take out. An overnight dry time fixed the problem.

The moral….

We were intent on cooking and eating this dish but weren’t destined to and had to wait. Like mum would say.

Masala chickpeas (left), gunpowder potatoes (right), puri (centre)

Ingredients and Instructions

There are a number of recipes online for cooking these dishes so I’ll share my firm favourites as links below.

Gunpowder potatoes | Puri’s | Masala Chickpeas


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#Foodie Wednesday – Homemade Digestives

(I’m glad to say still sticking with this regular post)

Every now and then we’ll have a go at making biscuits. When I mean we’ll that’s everyone in my house apart from myself. Over the weekend we tried our hand at digestive biscuits, which make for great tea dunkers. After several dunking tests these one’s held their shape and didn’t sink to the bottom of my mug.

Ingredients and Instructions

The recipe is not my own but from a #cookbook by Davina McCall which we purchased a number of years ago. It’s a simple one but does allow for tweaks if you want to enhance the taste. This particular one doesn’t feel too buttery or sugary so works for us.
Happy biscuit making!

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It’s all about the “Christmas Sandwich”

I have always enjoyed a good Christmas meal.  Ok, so the buttons on my shirt may well be reaching breaking point and the only way I can move around the house is by rolling around, but I am not one to back down from the challenge.  However, what makes the Christmas meal different from other “huge table-hogging” meals? Continue reading “It’s all about the “Christmas Sandwich””