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When All Is Calm

I can’t believe July was the last time I posted on my blog. Well in that time I’ve overcome one of my most challenging projects at work, and on the way to closure. I’ve also found time (and motivation) to get back on the bike, early morning weekends of cool air rushing through my beard. Today, I leave you with a calming image of a local country lane during one of my rides.

A road well travelled

Have a beautiful weekend. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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#Friday 12.0: Chained, gardengate and confused

Each week I will (try and) share a small segment of something useful I learnt. While this is for my own amusement I hope it resonates with my lovely readers.


                  My alarm went beep beep at 5.30am Sunday morning and I scrambled out of bed to get into my cycling gear. My better half had already warned me to deactivate the alarm for weekends, but once again I ignored the friendly advice. After some cereal and a cup of tea (I sense some cyclists shaking their heads), I was out of the house, determined to notch up some serious miles.
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Words & Pictures: A Perfect Reflection?


“A perfect reflection”? he muttered to himself. The voice inside answered back, “for that you will have to pluck up the courage and look back at yourself”.

What would your reflection say to you?

Photo taken En Route to Greenwich Park: 26.04.20 – just past Woolwich, along the Thames Barrier Pathway

What I love about cycling in and around London is finding something new each time – there is plenty still to discover.

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Words & Pictures: Just Me, Just Bike

Scrolling through my phone I noticed so many photos that I took but never revisited thereafter. Sharing these every so often supported by my thoughts.

Just Me, Just Bike

      He climbed the hill and his thighs felt like they were on fire.  Reaching the top he had the option to stop, to take a breather. But he ignored the internal call and rode straight down the steep hill. 
     It was hard to tell whether it was the wind, or something else which caused tears to stream down his cheeks.  No one saw, only he knew. 

Location: Bottom of Old Watling Street (Kent A2)

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My Bright Outlook Photo

The time on my laptop signalled 5pm and I contemplated whether to go cycling. While the sun had disappeared the weather remained mild.

Don’t dwell

I didn’t dwell on the decision and quickly got changed before the risk of putting it off. Water bottles filled I grabbed my bike and cycled to my local riding track. For me it was important to get out today, too much on the media about you know what!

The sky showed the path

The cycling track I go to is around 1.5miles all the way around. 30mins into my ride the light began to fade, but not before I saw this while riding up a gradual hill.

Light at the end of a long road

As the sky opened up to welcome back the sun I felt a sense of renewed hope. We are consuming too much news and its scaring people. Let’s be sensible, kind and thoughtful. Enjoy mother nature and all its wonderful creation. This new cold will melt against the heat of defiance.

…and for my time


Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay happy!