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The Wolf’s First Howl

The Wolf has,
made his first howl.
His presence shocked me not,
Watch and wait I will.
Patience, belief and reason,
These are my shields.
Oh Wolf, I hear you howl

This is an old piece which I wrote over 25 years ago. I was attending a university conference where students across the UK came together to talk about their faith experiences. Share stories, engage in Q&A sessions. The subject of hair came up. A student stood up and asked panel, how do we stop the big bad wolf ? He was referring to Sikhs who kept uncut hair. The symbol of hair (Kesh in Panjabi) forms part of one of the 5ks in Sikhism. For this student the wolf is temptation, influence. I remember coming away and writing this the next day. For anyone who wants to practice their faith fully, across any religion, we have to deal with the wolf every day. The power rests in the individuals hands whether they let the wolf through the door.

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#Friday 16.0: Don’t let “#NewNormal” take away old feelings

Each week I will (try and) share a small segment of something useful I learnt. While this is for my own amusement I hope it resonates with my lovely readers.

The announcement a community was waiting for

                  Last week a number of announcements were made throughout the UK for the opening of religious establishments, restaurants and shopping malls.  Many like myself in my community, the message that our local Sikh Temple was going to open it’s doors from Monday the 15th June was a huge relief.  While I say open it’s doors, I mean to the general community.  Technically our local template in Gravesend never closed it’s doors, but served up to 850 meals a day to vulnerable people in the community during this pandemic.  But the message was that for those attending, there would be changes, procedures to follow.  That change made me apprehensive at first; wearing a mask to worship was going to feel strange.  Also was it too early to visit? 

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“Ego” – Explosive Gloating Overdose


“Sometimes an inflation occurs to my sleeping ego, knocks me for six, and afterwards I’m back to . So I remember that story mum used to tell me”.

In the Sikh faith, Langar is a free kitchen often found in Gurdwara’s, Sikh places of worship. Over the last few years, stalls have been set up globally serving food to those who need it. Most notably during this pandemic. Anyone, from any walk of life, race, colour, creed can visit the Gurdwara and partake in Langar. The serving of Langar to the congregation can be conducted by anyone wishing to partake in this selfless service (Sevadar).

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Failsafe Option

The sheer Irony of it!

He created the universe, the planets,

Its solar systems and the stars,

He then took a fancy to a small blob.

It was just colour at the time,

And so he breathed life into it,

And named it Earth.

But the blob just sat there,

Not wanting to create a bond,

A connection with its Creator.

He then created people to inhabit it,

Made good and bad scenarios,

Let people decide what they wanted.

A chance for them to form that bond,

A connection with their Creator.

He advised them of good practice,

That they remember Him in their way,

That good deeds and honest thoughts,

Would steer them across rocky oceans,

Into the mindful, blissful rising sun,

Towards their beloved Creator.

But, the people didn’t listen,

Taking no notice, becoming ignorant,

They treated life like a candy shop,

‘A tick in here’ would keep Him content,

Their foolish thoughts tricked Him not,

So He played one more scenario.

! And So It Is!

That in the time of Death,

When we stand close to the cold corpse,

When we can feel ever so closely,

The resting arm of Death upon us,

When a shiver fires through our body,

It is at that precise moment,

That we want Him ever closer to us.

Wake up! We are paper thin.

Originally written in January this year and dedicated to a dear friend who lost his father in the New Year. Inspired by some words of a wise but young individual.

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Faith to a 5yr old – a good thing to sponge?

….and so the seed of thought was planted!

Trivial Pursuit Question: “What name is given to energy taken from the Sun”?
My 5 year old son answers: “God

An innocent answer from an innocent soul. It got me thinking, what actually triggered him to answer that question in this way. Although he was unable to explain why, I nevertheless embarked on trying to understand his logic (as parents often do).

Had we been responsible in some way? Not wanting to make this post sound religious, it provided some evidence towards the fact that how we perceive the notion of God, at home, has been gently absorbed by our children. We have strong beliefs in our religion, Sikhism, however that bores out of our own understanding and respect.

…..and so there will always remain two schools of thought !

That God created the Universe and everything contained within it, or that the very existence of what we know and what we yet don’t know was the result of complex atoms, protons and big bang explosions (note I am not an expert in the Sciences or did I take the liberty to research the net just to form that last sentence).
I respect science and this something we cannot move away from. However I am also fortunate to have the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Sikh Holy Scripture) in our lives from which to derive logic and understanding.

…..and so there remains a challenge

I find it’s a hard balance to strike, I reason with my children that although how the elements function in this world and beyond may have a scientific explanation behind it, to a degree, there is definitely a force that navigates our destiny to an extent. Now you may say, if I can’t see, I can’t believe. But then we are not close enough yet to feel I guess. I am not a confused individual and neither do I want my children to grow up like one, but it’s important that they take the time to learn themselves with guidance from us, not to an extent that it becomes over consuming.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Sikhs’ first Guru, explains that in this age, the age I am in now, will view those “mad” who talk about religion. Our lives are advancing so much so quickly that we may almost fall into the trap of thinking we are the core reason of this entire existence…but then I am still learning so what would I know…

This post was inspired by an inspirational moment triggered by an inspirational individual. Thanks