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Our Fridge at home – Promotor and Organiser

“Look at my picture papa, I did this at nursery, it’s got pasta on it”Like a good parent, I proceeded with adding this collection onto our fridge, so as a family we could admire the marvel at our youngest son’s latest creation.  What struck me was that we were now experiencing difficulty in finding suitable space on our fridge.  Fridge space represents a community for our kids artwork (they refer to it as self-promotion) and also school and sports charts for us both to organise ourselves better. So here’s what we’ve got on our feature wall fridge at present:

1. The latest edition to the Fridge Family, with the pasta shells neatly stuck on.

2. Meal planner from school for our eldest child, still have to check on a daily basis with him with regards to what he wants, even though it’s the same choice.

3. Self-promotion me.  Flyer for our football parties business.

4. Soccer fixtures list for 2011/2012 for our eldest child.

5. Collection of spare fridge magnets, currently on holiday, awaiting any new arrivals.

6. Magnet alphabet letters, our youngest stuck these on, without any prior notification.  That’s under review.

7. Netball fixtures list 2011/12 for my wife

8. More squiggly artwork from our youngest with the added incentive of a 2011 calendar, comes in very good use.

So there you have it, what’s on your fridge?

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Summer Holidays Over, How We Kept Them Busy

For a large majority of school kids in the UK, today will be their first day back to either their existing school or a new school.  Having just been off the phone to my wife, she recounted scenes of some kids crying because of new teachers or no teachers.  Anyway, I am sure most parents will be glad to see their children back in the school routine and Summer holidays now over.

I must admit, for the first time, we felt that the Summer break did run through quickly, but this was down to some shrewd planning and kind help from family.  So, how did we achieve this? Continue reading “Summer Holidays Over, How We Kept Them Busy”

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Were you this Passionate about something as a kid?

A few nights ago, as I was sitting upstairs listening to some music, suddenly there’s this ruffle sound coming from the hallway downstairs.  It would then stop, then start up again, it was as if something was being arranged, re-arranged.  I turned down the music and made my way downstairs, no sound now, no trace of anyone/anything.  I dismissed it!

The next morning, I open the shoe cupboard in the hallway, the top drawer where my shoes are kept only to find this… Continue reading “Were you this Passionate about something as a kid?”

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A movie quote that will always be your No.1, no matter what!

Ok, so this is not my No.1 quote but might be for a lot of other people, however I am interested in knowing why a particular movie quote is your all time favourite? Continue reading “A movie quote that will always be your No.1, no matter what!”

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At home, we have a human parrot

What better way but to start with the definition of a parrot:

A copycat who does not understand the words or acts being imitated

Well, this is the perfect description of our 2 1/2 yr old.  We started noticing this some weeks back, how he would jump on the very last word any of us used in a sentence.  However, he wouldn’t jump on saying that single word, he would waffle a sentence that included that word.  Ok, I have parents all over the world nodding, been there, seen it, but it’s actually so funny which then turns into so annoying.

We then decided to run an experiment.  In the car, while driving, our little one started copying our eldest, he was in the groove so I asked my eldest to make up a sentence and see how his little brother coped.  It was hilarious, our little one was spot on, it was like an echo!

We have now moved onto words containing 14 letters or more, the results are staggering.

Human Parrott Experiment continues……