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#CommunityChallenge Letter to our Dearest Sons

A 10-day writing challenge set up by one of our Community Writers Saumya Agrawal.

Letter to Dream Destination

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[SP]: Butterflies, I Had Them

It’s like I’ve been awake all night [pause]

I’ve been brushing my teeth for over 5mins [pause]

I didn’t finish my breakfast [pause]

Someone is talking to me, but I can’t hear them [pause]

I haven’t got the energy to do my laces [pause]

I try and smile to the parents, my mouth hardly moves [pause]

There’s 2mins to go, I am feeling worse [pause]

I take my position, there’s screaming, I can’t hear anything [pause]

Someone’s blown a whistle [pause]


The kid is lying next to me on the floor [pause]

There are cheers [pause]

I feel much better now, a full-blooded tackle [pause]

I start to breath for the first time today [pause]

Me | Age 12 | Cup Final Day

Over the weekend, one of my under 9’s football [soccer] players turned up for a game, there was fear in him before he even stepped onto the pitch.  He just never made that tackle, he couldn’t get rid of those butterflies the whole time.

I felt sorry for him.  It brought back a memory.

Learn to roar, learn to conquer! Never be afraid of anything on this earth! Play the game, not the occasion!

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New Thundercats aired this weekend, am I the only one excited?

“Sword Of Omens, give me sight BEYOND sight”

My son and I were flicking through the sky channels Saturday morning when to our surprise we spotted Thundercats being aired on Cartoon Network HD later in the evening.  I couldn’t describe my feelings at that moment, maybe overwhelmed, but the next action was to hit the RECORD button on the sky remote and watch it later.

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Our Fridge at home – Promotor and Organiser

“Look at my picture papa, I did this at nursery, it’s got pasta on it”Like a good parent, I proceeded with adding this collection onto our fridge, so as a family we could admire the marvel at our youngest son’s latest creation.  What struck me was that we were now experiencing difficulty in finding suitable space on our fridge.  Fridge space represents a community for our kids artwork (they refer to it as self-promotion) and also school and sports charts for us both to organise ourselves better. So here’s what we’ve got on our feature wall fridge at present:

1. The latest edition to the Fridge Family, with the pasta shells neatly stuck on.

2. Meal planner from school for our eldest child, still have to check on a daily basis with him with regards to what he wants, even though it’s the same choice.

3. Self-promotion me.  Flyer for our football parties business.

4. Soccer fixtures list for 2011/2012 for our eldest child.

5. Collection of spare fridge magnets, currently on holiday, awaiting any new arrivals.

6. Magnet alphabet letters, our youngest stuck these on, without any prior notification.  That’s under review.

7. Netball fixtures list 2011/12 for my wife

8. More squiggly artwork from our youngest with the added incentive of a 2011 calendar, comes in very good use.

So there you have it, what’s on your fridge?

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Dear Parent….. (Pains of football coaching)

Dear Parent,

Yesterday your son kicked off his second season with the rest of the team and it was a tough opener.  The day before I spent much time in training going through defensive drills and all the boys were clear on what they needed to do.

When the match started, your son spent the first 10 minutes watching the attackers rush by and in no time we were 2 – 0 down.  It was not your son’s fault, however the opposition started targeting their play down his side and he was not enjoying it at all.

I therefore persisted with substituting him with another defender, a more experienced player who has lost his regular place in the team because he attends Saturday school where they play sports.  As you know, the match started to swing in our favour and after being 3 -0 down, we managed to end the game on 3 – 3.

You were rightly annoyed that your son only got limited time on the pitch and you pointed to the fact that it was because the other player was better.  Please let me explain.  This had nothing to do with ability; I looked at the match in general and felt that he was not going to have an easy ride, so I took the decision to replace him.  You must remember that this is a “team game” and that I will make decisions based on whatever is in the best interest of the team.  If I felt that by substituting your son with a stronger player and stemming the flow of goals, that we would give ourselves a chance, then that is what I did.  My decision worked in our favour but in the process upset you, so for this I am truly sorry.

But you must remember, I only think in the best interest of the team and will not make decisions just to please parents.  I have full faith in your son and I hope he can continue to take what he learns in training into the match.  It’s a long season with lots of games, and things will improve.

Yours, Coach.

Words that have been zooming in my head since yesterday’s incredible fight back from the boys.  I was in high spirits after the match only to be on the end of a “grilling” by a parent, I just wanted to go home after that and had a miserable day.  Is it all worth it?