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[SP]: Butterflies, I Had Them

It’s like I’ve been awake all night [pause]

I’ve been brushing my teeth for over 5mins [pause]

I didn’t finish my breakfast [pause]

Someone is talking to me, but I can’t hear them [pause]

I haven’t got the energy to do my laces [pause]

I try and smile to the parents, my mouth hardly moves [pause]

There’s 2mins to go, I am feeling worse [pause]

I take my position, there’s screaming, I can’t hear anything [pause]

Someone’s blown a whistle [pause]


The kid is lying next to me on the floor [pause]

There are cheers [pause]

I feel much better now, a full-blooded tackle [pause]

I start to breath for the first time today [pause]

Me | Age 12 | Cup Final Day

Over the weekend, one of my under 9’s football [soccer] players turned up for a game, there was fear in him before he even stepped onto the pitch.  He just never made that tackle, he couldn’t get rid of those butterflies the whole time.

I felt sorry for him.  It brought back a memory.

Learn to roar, learn to conquer! Never be afraid of anything on this earth! Play the game, not the occasion!