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Do you realise the value of time?

I was having a bit of a clear out and came across a scrap piece of paper with the following on it, which I had typed up some years back.  I am not going to take any credit for this, as it’s something I found on the internet back in my University days, when only a handful of people had personal pages, or blogs as we call them today.

Running around like “headless chickens” and having no real notion of time in our lives, where is this all going?  Why don’t we all stop for 5 mins and take a pause….

I hope you like this as much as I did, for some reason this shred of paper has stuck around with me.  So, whoever you are, Thanks for writing this. Continue reading “Do you realise the value of time?”

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Crisps Rehab – Day 5

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed days 1 -4, I didn’t want to tempt fate by writing so early in case I turned back to the dark side.  Six days ago, after munching through a packet of hand cooked crisps, I looked down at my ever-expanding belly and thought, can I cut this snack out and start a road to recovery?  What is that road to recovery you ask?  To completely change my diet but eradicating snacks of all kind by the age of 40, I have five years left.  So my first victim, the crisp packet. Continue reading “Crisps Rehab – Day 5”

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Lottery Daydreaming is Good Planning!

Right, we’ve all, at some point, dreamt what it would be like if we won the lottery, coming into all those millions, yes millions of Pounds/Dollars/Euro’s.  No harm in it and for all those who may chuckle at you, guess what, when it happens, at least you are prepared for it, like me! Continue reading “Lottery Daydreaming is Good Planning!”

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New Year’s Resolutions Out! Simple Aims In!

Author’s Wife: “What are you doing darling”?

Author: “Oh just listing my New Year’s Resolutions”.

Author Action: Copy & Paste from last year’s document

Something is not quite right here…. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions Out! Simple Aims In!”

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What’s Worse than the M25


Hopefully something most, if not all, parents can relate to….. Continue reading “What’s Worse than the M25”