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Words & Pictures: Mask No More



He could not bear the separation anymore, if it was to be the last kiss, then so be it! Whipping off the mask, he advanced towards her lips.  All around watched in horror, surely his lungs would explode any moment now from the infected air.  Any moment his eyes would turn blood red, like an astronaut taking off his helmet in dark space. Now they both waited…..


Spotted this mask on the floor as we walked from our car to Greenwich Park. I am a firmly behind the idea of Personal Protective Equipment for front line/key workers. But what I have noticed is the fashion statement others have turned a mask into amongst the general public. If we all have to dawn masks in the future, I wonder how that will aid what already is a failing trend in verbal communication.

What’s your view on masks? Are they prevalent where you are?

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Words & Pictures: A Perfect Reflection?


“A perfect reflection”? he muttered to himself. The voice inside answered back, “for that you will have to pluck up the courage and look back at yourself”.

What would your reflection say to you?

Photo taken En Route to Greenwich Park: 26.04.20 – just past Woolwich, along the Thames Barrier Pathway

What I love about cycling in and around London is finding something new each time – there is plenty still to discover.

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That one evergreen tune

So often we may have played a particular music tune because we were feeling a certain mood. For some a tough week could result in a room smashing track or calming song.
But we all have that one tune which can be played at anytime, in any mood and it brings us back to a certain equilibrium.


I’ve long since been a fan of Nitin Sawhney, back from the days I first walked into a music shop in London called Selectadisc (I was 18 back then). Wowed by the music collection, a friend of mine introduced me to a genre of music called Asian Underground. The shop owner played some tracks and I was instantly in awe.

Purchasing a few CDs of this new genre I couldn’t wait to get home to listen at my own leisure. Nitin has produced many albums over the years and performed in hundreds of venues across world, a real music genius.
But of all his tunes, the one I love the most is a short piece which I listen to wherever I am, whatever I am doing.
My most memorable moment? I left home 5am one morning to go cycling. The sky was dark as I started peddling the long silent road. Then the rain started coming down, it was warm drops making noises against my helmet. I stopped over, plugged in my headphones and played Nitin Sawhney’s Firmament. As I rode on with this delicate tune playing in my ears, I was not sure whether it was the rain or tears running down my cheeks, an old cord had been struck…..

Firmament by Nitin Sawhney
Album – London Undersound

Is there a particular tune you consider your evergreen?