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Words & Pictures: Mask No More



He could not bear the separation anymore, if it was to be the last kiss, then so be it! Whipping off the mask, he advanced towards her lips.  All around watched in horror, surely his lungs would explode any moment now from the infected air.  Any moment his eyes would turn blood red, like an astronaut taking off his helmet in dark space. Now they both waited…..


Spotted this mask on the floor as we walked from our car to Greenwich Park. I am a firmly behind the idea of Personal Protective Equipment for front line/key workers. But what I have noticed is the fashion statement others have turned a mask into amongst the general public. If we all have to dawn masks in the future, I wonder how that will aid what already is a failing trend in verbal communication.

What’s your view on masks? Are they prevalent where you are?

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Words & Pictures: Message in a Jar



When you find this, let it be known it was the humans who first discouraged human interaction. 

Photo taken in 2018 –  arriving in Eastbourne after hiking 16 miles across Seven Sisters from Seaford. 

What would your message in the jar say?

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Words & Pictures: A Perfect Reflection?


“A perfect reflection”? he muttered to himself. The voice inside answered back, “for that you will have to pluck up the courage and look back at yourself”.

What would your reflection say to you?

Photo taken En Route to Greenwich Park: 26.04.20 – just past Woolwich, along the Thames Barrier Pathway

What I love about cycling in and around London is finding something new each time – there is plenty still to discover.

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My Bright Outlook Photo

The time on my laptop signalled 5pm and I contemplated whether to go cycling. While the sun had disappeared the weather remained mild.

Don’t dwell

I didn’t dwell on the decision and quickly got changed before the risk of putting it off. Water bottles filled I grabbed my bike and cycled to my local riding track. For me it was important to get out today, too much on the media about you know what!

The sky showed the path

The cycling track I go to is around 1.5miles all the way around. 30mins into my ride the light began to fade, but not before I saw this while riding up a gradual hill.

Light at the end of a long road

As the sky opened up to welcome back the sun I felt a sense of renewed hope. We are consuming too much news and its scaring people. Let’s be sensible, kind and thoughtful. Enjoy mother nature and all its wonderful creation. This new cold will melt against the heat of defiance.

…and for my time


Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay happy!

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Words every footstep – Docks of Salford Quays

Last week I stayed over in Manchester for a work trip. Our office there is located in Salford, in Media City. It’s not the prettiest part of Manchester but as you walk outside you are surrounded by the BBC and ITV studios. If you ever watch the BBC news in the mornings, our office is one of the buildings in the background, when they do show the view outside.

Room with a view

As the trip was short notice I had to find something quick, which I did but it won’t be my choice the next time. For anyone staying in Salford I would recommend Hotel Football, where I stayed last time out.

Morning view from my hotel room – I quickly drew the curtains back again!

But, the ground had words

Salford Quays was home to the historic Salford docks which closed down a long time ago. The walk from my hotel to the office took me along the old docks. In memory of the docks the local council have placed stones with lovely words on them, every few metres. Here are images of some of those stones.